Courts Hall, built in 1965, is a two-story coed residence hall located on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Hall Street, with rooms opening into fresh air hallways. It is one of three residence halls on campus whose rooms are arranged around a central, enclosed courtyard. It also offers great views of Lake Finney and is a short walk to Stirling's Coffee House.


Courts is a coed building for upperclass and first-year students. Suites are gender specific. Each suite consists of two double bedrooms connected to individual study rooms, adjoined by a central bathroom. The closets, enclosed in the wall, are without doors; consequently, many students choose to bring a four-foot tension rod to hang a curtain. All rooms are carpeted, and windows are furnished with blinds. Suite-style bathrooms open off each study room and have tile floors, two basins with lighted mirrors, a shower, and toilet. Average bedroom: 12' x 15' | Average bedroom window: 3'9" x 2'10" | Average study room: 8.5' x 9' | Average study room window: 4' x 5'


Courts has three laundry rooms, each with a washer and dryer, and one with an ironing board. There are two areas with vending machines. Courts contains a central courtyard green with trees and bushes, connecting walkways, and patio furniture. The common room, which overlooks the lake and the courtyard, has a large stone fireplace, comfortable couches and chairs, cable television, a VCR/DVD player, two large tables for studying, and a ping pong table. There is a full kitchen with small dining area adjacent to the common room. The kitchen includes a stove top, oven, full-sized refrigerator, sink, microwave, toaster, and coffee pot. There are parking lots immediately adjoining the residence hall on two sides, a covered bike shed, and walkway linking the residence hall to the sidewalks leading to central campus. Courts is located near Stirling's Coffee House and has lawn areas on the lakeside and behind the building. Courts Hall rooms are air-conditioned.

Courts Hall

  • Two twin beds with adjustable heights and approximately 12 inches of storage space under each bed
  • One shared built-in dresser with four drawers and a lighted vanity mirror
  • Two built-in closets with 45" rods for hanging clothes and shelving above for extra storage
Study Room Furnishings
  • Two built-in desks with chairs
  • Wall-mounted bookcase above each desk
  • Two waste bins
  • One room phone and two Ethernet ports