Built in 1926, Cannon Hall accommodates 51 students. Cannon Hall is located a short walk from the Quadrangle on South Carolina Avenue. When it was first built in the 1920s, Cannon was recognized for being one of the finest residence halls in the country, and its cozy common room is much loved by its residents.


Cannon offers 27 rooms on three floors, arranged in singles, doubles, and triples. Each floor shares a common bathroom; the first and second floors have two bathrooms each. All rooms are carpeted, and windows are furnished with blinds. Average room: Each room is unique in shape and size. Average window: Each window is unique in shape and size.


There is a common room on the first floor that contains comfortable seating, cable television and a DVD player. The residence hall kitchen, furnished with stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and sink, is located on the first floor. Laundry machines are located in the basement, and a bike shed is adjacent to the residence hall. Cannon shares an outdoor courtyard, grill and fire pit with Smith Hall. Cannon Hall is air-conditioned.

Cannon Hall

  • Two twin XL beds. Bed heights are adjustable, and typically have 24" of storage space under each bed.
  • Two built-in closets with a rod for hanging clothes (closets do not have doors)
  • Four movable and stackable dressers with two drawers each 
  • Two desks with chairs
  • Two waste bins and one recycling bin
  • One room phone and two Ethernet ports