For those who can't wait for Orientation to begin experiencing Sewanee, we offer not one but two pre-orientation programs. Find the one that's right for you and be ready to register by the relevant deadline. Then get ready for the best week of your life (before beginning the best four years of your life).

Finding Your Place (FYP)

Places speak to us through our senses and their sense of community, through their stories and their history, through the environment and the culture. And while it takes time and attention to make a place your own, FYP is the perfect first step.

Why FYP?

In addition to gaining a deep understanding of Sewanee and its surrounding areas from some of Sewanee’s most renowned professors, FYP students begin and complete a course early. A nine-day, pre-semester immersion ensures that students finish their FYP course prior to fall break. This means a lighter workload through the second half of the semester and one less final exam to stress over.

Faculty and Courses

The professors teaching FYP courses represent an interdisciplinary collection of leading Sewanee faculty. They bring their own unique perspectives on what it means to be of a place, from a place, and how to find your place. Students are able to take part in panel discussions with each of these faculty members, and also choose a more specific topic for more immersive study.


The registration deadline for Finding Your Place will be announced in the spring. When it is, all admitted students will receive an email with relevant information including instructions and the number of available spots.


PRE-Orientation offers incoming first year students the opportunity to get to know Sewanee in a unique and exciting atmosphere. While exploring the 13,000-acre Domain, students meet other first-years and upperclassmen in an environment that creates trust and establishes new friendships.


Whether rock climbing for the first time, crawling through winding passages in Walker Springs Cave, or building a house with Sewanee Outreach, PRE-Orientation provides memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Sewanee Outing Program

The Sewanee Outing Program (SOP) gives students the chance to explore Sewanee’s 13,000-acre campus, the surrounding region, and wilderness areas across the United States. From summer swims in our own backyard to winter mountaineering trips on the other side of the country, they've got you covered.


The registration form for PRE will be available in April on your applicant status page. Once it's posted, all admitted students will receive an email with relevant information including instructions and the number of available spots.