The culinary arts are fundamental to the dining experience at Sewanee. Professionally trained chefs with decades of experience prepare our recipes from scratch. We source food from the University's own farm, use local vendors, prepare seasonal foods, and use the best ingredients we can find.

We are committed to maintaining menu integrity, nutritional content, and balance. We prepare food thoughtfully from fresh ingredients with the understanding that the food we serve affects academic and athletic performance—wellness in general. Sewanee Dining's menu diversity and long service hours are a deliberate effort to ensure that there is always something appealing readily available to students.

Student Meal Plan

The University of the South has one comprehensive "meal plan" that is required of all students in residence. It consists of two fundamental components that ensure quality, variety, convenience and value. The first meal plan component is the all-you-care-to-eat McClurg Dining operation that provides the majority of student meals on campus. Students can come and go as they like at McClurg on an unlimited basis. McClurg is open 7 days a week from 7am until 8pm during academic periods. Its multi-station "marketplace" design allows students to browse menu options and customize their dining experience at each meal.

Flex Dollars

Another component of the meal plan is "Flex Dollars". Each student has a Flex Dollars account that is automatically funded each semester with a $150 deposit with unused balances from the fall term rolling over to the spring. Flex Dollars are accepted at The Tiger Bay Pub, Stirling's Coffee House, McClurg Dining (typically used to host your guests), The Blue Chair Cafe and Tavern, and Shenanigans restaurant and food truck.

Domain Dollars

The University of the South offers a student spending account program called Domain Dollars. Domain Dollars is in addition to the $150 in Flex Dollars the student receives each semester. The Domain Dollars is intended to enhance the student experience. Students, parents, grandparents, or other family member can add Domain Dollars to the student's account. Domain Dollars can be used at McClurg Dining Hall, Stirling's Coffee House, Cup and Gown Café, Tiger Bay Pub, Green's View Grill, University Bookstore, Sewanee Market, Blue Chair Cafe' and Shenanigans. The Domain Dollars rollover from the fall semester to the spring semester. Visit the Domain Dollars site below to add funds to the account.

Sanitation & Safety

Students are asked to clear their own tables. Using the dish return area at the entrance of the dining hall, students participate in community bussing by placing their trays, glasses, dishes, flatware, and leftovers on the dish carousel. To help avoid cross contamination of foods for those with allergies and for food safety in general, utensils must be used only for the item for which they have been provided and food should never be picked up by hand. Food must never be returned to the servery once you have touched or placed it onto your tray, plate etc.

Sustainability & Waste

Help reduce food waste by taking what you like and eating all that you take. All students are asked to take appropriate portions of food to create a nutritionally balanced meal. Since the Sewanee Dining Meal Plan is an unlimited continuous service, you may return as many times as you like to obtain more food. Research shows higher satisfaction with food quality and reduced food waste when smaller initial portions are taken vs large quantities.

Allergies & Special Dietary Needs

Sewanee Dining is dedicated to offering support to students  with medical dietary restrictions. We understand that dining and wellness are essential for you to excel academically, and we're here to help with that. We work with Student Accessibility Services to find appropriate accommodations. 

Sick Meals

We know that being sick away from home is no fun at all. We want to make you as comfortable as possible. Sick meals are available for all students to provide comfort and sustenance to get you back on your feet.