Frequently Asked Questions

What are Domain Dollars?

Domain Dollars help your student get the most out of their Sewanee experience. Parents, grandparents and others can purchase Domain Dollars for Sewanee students. The Domain Dollars can be used at local merchants both on campus and in the Sewanee Village. Domain Dollars are applied to the student's university ID card. No additional credit or debit card is necessary.

Where are Domain Dollars accepted?

Below are the local retailers that accept Domain Dollars.

  • Stirling's Coffee House
  • Cup & Gown Cafe
  • Tiger Bay Pub
  • University Book and Supply Store
  • Sewanee Market
  • Shenanigans
  • The Blue Chair Cafe & Tavern
  • Green's View Grill
Are Domain Dollars different from Flex Dollars?

Flex Dollars are included in the student meal plan and are automatically applied to each student's ID card. Students receive $150 per semester. Flex Dollars can only be used for food and beverage. Flex Dollars are accepted at all locations listed above with the exception of the University Book and Supply Store

Do THESE accounts work like cash?

Almost. Like cash, Domain Dollars and Flex Dollars are used to purchase products. But, there are several important exceptions. Domain Dollars and Flex Dollars are not accepted everywhere–see above for retailers who accept these accounts. They are not transferable to others. Flex Dollars can only be used for food and beverages. These accounts can not be used for alcohol, tobacco, or related products.

How do I check my balance/manage my Domain Dollars account?

Easy! Just go here.

How do I add money to my Domain Dollars account?

Again, easy! Just go here.


Anyone can add money to your Domain Dollars account. All they need is this link, and your Banner ID.

Drop hints to grandparents, aunts and uncles for birthdays. Domain Dollars are the perfect gift for every occasion! And, you can reimburse friends using Domain Dollars instead of Venmo, PayPal or cash.