Your four years at Sewanee will offer many opportunities for remarkable growth, both inside and outside the classroom. Recognizing that students benefit from having support and advice in all facets of their experiences, Sewanee is committed to a model of integrated advising to promote the full development of each and every student, embracing all interests, skills, traits, and ambitions.

Our Mission

Integrated Advising supports the purpose of the College through a collaborative partnership that offers students holistic support and resources and empowers them to make informed decisions as they create academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, and career plans to achieve their goals.

Our Goals
  • All Sewanee students will understand and be able to articulate the competencies they have gained through their unique liberal arts education.
  • All Sewanee students will have access to a full advisory team representing academics, career services, and co- and extra-curricular services, and information resources and educational support.
  • All Sewanee students will engage in vocational exploration, resulting in an informed, intentional plan for their future.
  • All Sewanee students will graduate with a strong sense of self-efficacy and purpose.


Vocational Discernment

Kim Heitzenrater

Associate Dean for Integrated Advising & Career Readiness

How We Can Help

No matter where you are in your career exploration process, Sewanee Career Readiness can help. You’ll get assistance with cover letters, resumes, networking, and preparing for an interview. Likewise, if you just feel overwhelmed by this new experience called adulting, swing by the Center for Student Success & Flourishing in Carnegie Hall and get a pep talk from the Sewanee Career Readiness staff.

Academic Growth

Brooke Harrington

Assistant Dean for Integrated Advising & Student Support

How we can help

We can help you with any aspect of your academic experience, whether it’s understanding requirements and registration, exploring and declaring a major, or finding resources to help you succeed. We also work closely with our faculty advisors to help them be as effective as possible.

Engagement Outside The Classroom

Amy Patterson

Director of the Office of Civic Engagement

Campus Activities

The Office of Campus Activities is in the Bishop's Common.

How We Can Help

You can engage in a range of co- and extra-curricular activities to explore areas of interest, develop your strengths, and apply what you are learning in class. Civic engagement brings people together to participate in collaborative, transformational learning that is life enriching and socially beneficial. Together, we cultivate knowledge, resources, and relationships to advance the well-being of communities atop the South Cumberland Plateau and beyond. The office of campus activities promotes clubs and organizations, allowing you to take on different roles and responsibilities and develop your strengths. Likewise, our athletic teams promote personal development and responsibility and reinforce the qualities that can lead to a successful life.

Resources and Support

Matt Brown

Student Accessibility Services Director

Tim Garner

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Provost

How we can help

We want to make sure that you have access to the resources that can help you succeed. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) ensures that students with disabilities are afforded an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the programs, services, and activities of The University of the South through the identification and enactment of reasonable modifications to institutional policies and procedures, the provision of auxiliary aids and services, and the establishment of innovative educational services. The University is committed to a culture of inclusivity that embraces students of all means and backgrounds. The staff of the library are committed to providing instruction, materials, expertise and equipment to sustain and stimulate your learning and development. Finally, the Registrar's Office can help you understand degree requirements, registration procedures, and your academic record.