The Vice-Chancellor's Cabinet

Cabinet Purpose Statement

The Cabinet provides the institutional leadership to ensure that University operations remain strategically aligned to the University’s mission and future objectives. Consisting of senior university administrators, the Cabinet works to identify and address strategic priorities and issues of importance across the institution. The Cabinet also serves as an advisory body to the vice-chancellor and fellow members, and fosters communication across the institution. The cabinet is a space for opinions and perspectives to be harvested. It meets weekly.

The Cabinet's Responsibilities

  • Engages in information and knowledge sharing (fostering two-way communication and institutional knowledge management) to support organizational effectiveness and sound decision-making.
  • Provides advice and recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor to support decision-making. 
  • Identifies and surfaces emerging issues and offers consultation regarding addressing them.
  • Identifies opportunities for—and helps spearhead—institutional collaboration aligned with advancement of the university’s mission.
  • Helps to diffuse communication and breakdown institutional silos.
  • Supports strategy development and implementation.
  • Serves as a forum for discussion of strategic issues.
  • Ensures institutional effectiveness.
  • Models flourishing leadership.
  • Membership on the cabinet is at the discretion of the vice-chancellor.

University Values

At the University of the South, we value:

We develop open-minded, informed, and intellectually engaged individuals. 


We cultivate respectful, inclusive, and enduring relationships. 


We share responsibility for the wellbeing of one another and the Domain. 


We strive for justice, equity, and sustainability in Sewanee and in the broader society.