Insights from Our 18th Vice-Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor-elect Robert Pearigen, C’76, shares his thoughts on returning to the Mountain, Sewanee’s future, defining characteristics of the Sewanee experience, and higher education’s enduring role in society.

Meet Robert Pearigen

The vice-chancellor-elect shares his thoughts on returning to the Mountain.

What does community mean to you?

Vice-chancellor-elect Pearigen reflects on the significance of community at Sewanee.

What are your views on the student experience?

A Sewanee alumnus and the father of two alumni, Vice-Chancellor-elect Pearigen underscores the imperative of supporting students’ success in life, leadership, and service.

Why is teaching important to you?

A distinguished professor of political science, Vice-Chancellor-elect Robert Pearigen talks about his passion for teaching and building relationships with students.

What is your view on higher education today?

Vice-Chancellor-elect Pearigen discusses the vital role of higher education in society today.