The University requires all first-year students prior to matriculation to participate in an online training on alcohol use, abuse, and sex discrimination. The online program specifically includes a module on sex discrimination and key definitions, including consent. Residence life staff, namely Proctors, also receive training on University policy, appropriate response to sex discrimination, mandatory reporting, and bystander intervention. Other students who receive annual training on sex discrimination include athletes, Greek leaders, the Women’s Center residents, FYP Mentors, Orientation Leaders, PRE Mentors, and members of the Student Title IX Advisory Committee. If your student group desires to be trained by the Title IX office, please contact Dr. Sylvia Gray directly or consider scheduling a peer-to-peer training with a certified student facilitator of STIX.


Click [HERE] to access educational resources. Be sure to look at the bottom of the page. The resources are organized by tabs.  


To schedule a student training, please [CLICK HERE] or contact the current chair of STIX (see roster below) or make an appointment for when you would like to have a training with the Title IX Coordinator by clicking [here].

Certified student facilitators (Peer-to-Peer Trainers)

Student facilitation trainers (Sexual Integrity Ambassadors) are certified by the Title IX Coordinator and STIX to administer peer-to-peer trainings to Sewanee students. Ask a member of STIX about our certification process. Student facilitators have been trained directly by the Title IX Coordinator.  For peer-to-peer student trainings, please contact the Chair of the STIX Advisory Committee or, if necessary, Dr. Sylvia Gray directly.  See STIX member information below. 

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Become a member of s.t.i.x.

Please review the "STIX Charter and Purpose" below for more information. Any interested undergraduate student who wishes to obtain membership in STIX must be selected by a/the constituency group that holds one of the 13 seats on STIX or you can be appointed by the Student Government Association to be a member at large. Please contact Dr. Gray and the current Chair (see membership list) directly to answer any questions you may have regarding membership in STIX.

HISTORY OF S.T.I.X & The meaning of the S.T.i.X Logo

Click HERE for the History of STIX.  The meaning of the STIX logo emerged from the education and training received by the first three classes of STIX members:

  1. The scale at the top represents balance and justice for the student body in cases of sex discrimination.
  2. The condom on the right represents the overarching goal of STIX, which is for students to elevate their knowledge in sex education.
  3. The heart represents the duty of STIX to educate the student body on healthy relationships. 
  4. The gender symbols on the left represents the intent of STIX to not only educate, but to represent all Sewanee students, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.  STIX LOGO

Student Title IX Advisory Committee (STIX)

Please contact a member of the STIX Advisory Committee for Peer to Peer education and training on Title IX.  You may also contact the Chair of STIX if you are interested in becoming a member of the advisory committee (see STIX membership list). Check out the STIX Instagram Page at "Sewanee_STIX" or contact Dr. Gray directly for additional information. 

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