University reports can be submitted electronically at or in person. In person reports can be made to the Title IX Coordinator or Dean of Students Office. Students studying abroad or away can report to the program leader. In addition, electronic submissions for undergraduate students are sent to the Dean of Students Office and copied to the Sewanee Police Department. 

Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Importance of Reporting Sexual Misconduct

The University strongly encourages individuals who have knowledge of, who have witnessed, or who have experienced sexual misconduct firsthand to report what occurred—both in order to get the support they need and to enable the University to respond appropriately. Under Title IX, once an institution has notice of an act of sexual misconduct, it is required to (1) take immediate and appropriate steps; and (2) take prompt and effective action to (a) end any misconduct that occurred; (b) remedy its effects; and (c) prevent its recurrence. Although there is no time limit for the filing of a report of sexual misconduct, the University’s ability to respond effectively may be compromised by the passage of time between the occurrence of an incident and the filing of a report.

Reporting Options

Anyone who wishes to make a report of an alleged violation of this policy has the following options (the person harmed may report using one or more options if desired):

  1. Report to the University;

  2. Report to the Sewanee Police Department for on-campus conduct, or to the appropriate police agency with jurisdiction for off-campus conduct;

  3. Report to both the University and Sewanee Police Department or other Police Agency

  4. Report to the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights

Reporting to the University

The Title IX Coordinator at the University of the South is Dr. Sylvia Gray, 931.598.1420, Woods Lab 138, or Dr. Gray is charged with monitoring compliance with the policy according to the Title IX law and regulations. Dr. Gray is also responsible for oversight of Title IX investigations. Questions regarding Title IX, as well as concerns and reports of non-compliance, may be directed to the Title IX Coordinator.

The University supports two types of reports—anonymous and identifiable.

  1. Anonymous Reports: Reporters (other than University employees mandated to report) may report alleged sexual misconduct anonymously online by omitting their name and contact information. In the case of anonymous reporting, the University will not be able to contact reporters to obtain further information about the incident or to offer information or support measures. In addition, the University’s ability to respond to the report will be limited to the information provided. The University nevertheless encourages reporting of sexual misconduct, even anonymous reporting, and will make such use of the reported information as circumstances allow.

  2. Identifiable Reports: The University will preliminarily gather and review information on all identifiable reports of sexual misconduct. Representatives from the Dean of Students office, Title IX Office, and/or the Sewanee Police Department will promptly reach out to the reporter (or the person reporting on behalf of the individual involved, if the reporter is not the individual directly affected by the conduct) to advise them as to their options. The appropriate University official(s) will obtain additional information about the reported incident, if available, and offer support, assistance and, where appropriate, interim measures to address any immediate concerns for the safety of involved persons and/or the University community.

Where a reporter requests an investigation of a violation of this Policy, the investigation will follow the steps under the heading of “Initiation of the Investigative Process” found on p.21 of the policy.