There are infinite ways to craft your Sewanee experience, and your goals may evolve during your time as a student. Throughout your four years, we hope that you will… 

Design a Sewanee Experience that Informs a Life of Meaning and Purpose 

Intentionally design the experience that will fit your goals and connect to your values through reflection and planning.  

Gain Insight through Exploration and Experiences 

Clarify the values, interests, and skills that may inform your purpose and potential career paths.  

Develop Your Team and Your Network of Support 

Build relationships with peers, faculty, staff, alumni, and others who will support you, your learning, and your goals.  

Succeed as a Student and Beyond 

Understand and evaluate how your challenges and successes in and out of the classroom encourage growth, skill-development, and learning as a student and beyond the gates.  

Tell Your Story 

Describe how your liberal arts education, interests, values, skills, and experiences have informed and prepared you.