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Dr. Momon Receives the $100,000 Excellence and Innovation Award from the Decorative Arts Trust at Colonial Williamsburg for the Black Craftspeople Digital Archive

Former Southern Studies Fellow Dr. Tiffany Momon, now Assistant Professor of History here at Sewanee, and Dr. Torren Gatson recently received the $100,000 Excellence and Innovation Award from the Decorative Arts Trust at Colonial Williamsburg for their project the Black Craftspeople Digital Archive. 

How Tiffany Momon's Deep Dive Into Her Family's Genealogy Sparked the Most Comprehensive Archive of Black Craftspeople

Black Craftspeople Digital Archive serves to educate and inspire all interested in architecture and craft through telling the stories of unsung black artisans of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Tennessee Professors and Historians Uncover History of Convict Leasing in the State

"The mostly-forgotten history of Tennessee’s convict leasing, which used prison labor to mine coal in the mountains during the 1800s, is being brought to light by a team of professors and genealogists across the state. Dr. Camille Westmont, a postdoctoral fellow in historical archaeology at Sewanee, is searching for answers to the Lone Rock Stockade’s dark past in Grundy County."

The Sewanee Feature: "Ghosts of Lone Rock"

"A Sewanee history professor’s archaeological excavation shines a light on a dark corner of local history in which Black prisoners were forced to mine coal without pay in Reconstruction-era Grundy County." By Kate Parrish, L’19

Southern Studies Fellow Camille Westmont Awarded Grant from Archaeological Institute of America

Westmont, a Fellow for Southern Studies and a Visiting Professor of History, was awarded $7,000 to conduct archival research related to the experiences of working class immigrant families who lived in the coal mining company town of Eckley, Pennsylvania, between 1895 and 1940. The project will enhance archaeological information gathered through systematic excavations between 2015 and 2019.

The Sewanee Purple

The University reports on the Program's Mellon grant to create curriculum in Southern Studies.

Southern Studies Fellow Camille Westmont Gives Local History of Convict Leasing

Southern Studies Fellow and Visiting Professor of History Camille Westmont's research and excavation work on convict leasing in Southern Middle Tennessee was recently spotlighted by the Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology.

Southern Studies Fellow Tiffany Momon Featured on Curious Objects Podcast

In an episode entitled "Curious Objects: An Armchair's Astonishing Provenance, with Tiffany Momon," Tiffany Momon, a Southern Studies Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of History, discusses her work with the Roberson Project on Slavery, Race, and Reconciliation, as well as her own project, the Black Craftspeople Digital Archive, a scholarly resource that explores the contributions that African Americans have made to the material culture of the United States.