Our vision is a world where the power of data analytics is easily accessible for the greater good.


Our mission is to expand the scope of the Sewanee DataLab by making data analysis training available to a broader audience. 


We accomplish this by training non-traditional data scientists using data sets related to pressing social and environmental problems. To this end, we seek more participants and a larger volume of projects where data analytics have a concrete social or environmental impact.


Sewanee DataLab is a grant-funded initiative focused on Public Interest Technology. In early 2020, Sewanee became one of three undergraduate institutions to join New America’s  Public Interest Technology University Network, a higher education network devoted to training a new generation of civic-minded technologists  public problem-solving through technology-based solutions. With a prestigious grant from New America, Sewanee’s Office of Civic Engagement, Career Center, and Department of Mathematics and Computer Science launched the Sewanee DataLab. 

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