By supporting these research interns, the Roberson Project aims to assist a new generation of Houston Robersons who understand that American History must include African American narratives.

Since its founding in 2017, the Roberson Project on Slavery, Race, and Reconciliation has encouraged student involvement. Helping students develop their skills in research and methodology prepares them to be the arbiters of change beyond "the mountain." With this insight and ability to build community connections, these future leaders will help create a more equitable society.

This summer, the research interns are helping to produce original research and programming in conjunction with and under the direction of Drs. Woody Register, Tiffany Momon, Andrew Maginn, and other members of the RP Working Group.

Current Research Projects

Black Cemetery Project

Some of our interns are researching the history of the segregated "Negro Cemetery" that is next to the historically white University Cemetery. Beyond research, the students will continue to develop an interactive ArcGIS project. 

Black Schools in Franklin County

Prior to the integration, there were 11 Black schools in Franklin County. Two of these schools, Townsend and Asia are the focal point of research for some of our interns. This will result in the creation of community-engaged digital humanities projects.  

Slave Schedules Research

The original endowment of the University of the South came from 292 enslavers. Some of the Roberson Project interns this summer are reviewing the 1850 and 1860 slave schedules of these enslavers. 

Meet our 2022 Summer Interns