External Publications

Episcopal News Service

Confederate symbols workshop guides priests in confronting past by reexamining it truthfully

November 14, 2019


Episcopal News Service

Sewanee workshop to guide priests grappling with Confederate symbols in their parishes

August 6, 2019


Herald Chronicle (Winchester, TN)

Community project underway to preserve Sewanee’s black history

May 24, 2019 


WBEZ Chicago

Universities Grapple With Historical Ties To Slavery

May 21, 2019


Nashville NPR 

New Course At Sewanee Examines Its Own History Of Slavery And Racial Injustice

September 20, 2018


Church Times (UK)

US university founded by the Episcopal Church seeks ‘new era’ after slave-trader history

March 16, 2018


Episcopal News Service

Sewanee seeks untold story of university’s ties to slavery, segregation in reconciliation project

March 6, 2018




Sewanee Publications

The Sewanee Purple

Dr. Jennifer Glancy offers perspective on Jesus and slavery

February 12, 2020


The Sewanee Purple

What can we do? Something: Richard Cellini lectures on slavery's legacy in universities 

October 8, 2019


The Sewanee Purple

The Roberson Project seeks to reconcile with Sewanee's slave-holding history

September 10, 2019


Sewanee Mountain Messenger

​Remaking Sewanee’s Black History: Digitization Days

June 6, 2019


Sewanee Mountain Messenger

​Recovering Sewanee’s Black History: What Is Needed

February 21, 2019


The Sewanee Purple

Slavery and Race Project Receives National Endowment For The Humanities Grant

January 28, 2019


From the Mountain

Project on Slavery, Race, and Reconciliation

Fall 2018


Sewanee Web Feature

A Lot of Truth for a Tuesday Morning

May 17, 2018


The Sewanee Purple

Sewanee Slavery Project Holds Racial Healing And Reconciliation Event

March 13, 2018


The Sewanee Purple

Dr. Woody Register To Lead Slavery Project

April 13, 2017