Tom Costen Professor of Physics Woods Labs 223 / ext. 1550

Tom Costen Professor of Physics
B.S. University of Tennessee, 1972, Engineering Physics M.S. University of Tennessee, 1974, Physics Ph.D. University of Tennessee, 1977, Accelerator-based Atomic Physics


Professional Experience
The University of the South, Associate Professor and Professor, 1989-present, Chair 1998-2002
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Visiting Scientist, Radiation Laboratories for Electronics, Quantum Nanostructure Group, 2009-2011
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Tom Costen Professor of Physics, 2013-present
Vice President, Advanced Laboratory Physics Association, 2013-2015
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American Association of Physics Teachers
American Physical Society
Advanced Laboratory Physics Association, ALPhA
Tau Beta Pi
Sigma Pi Sigma
Tennessee Section AAPT

Professional Activities
ALPhA executive board 2012-present, Vice President 2013-2015
Co- Chair, Advanced Laboratory Conference at University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, 2012
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“The scanning electron microscope as an accelerator for the undergraduate advanced physics laboratory”
R. S. Peterson, K. K. Berggren, and M. K. Mondol, CAARI 2010 AIP Conference Proceedings, May 2011, v.1336.
“BECOOL: Ballooning eigensolver with COOL finite elements” G.A. Cooper*, J.P. Graves, W.A. Cooper, R. Gruber, and R.S. Peterson, Journal of Computational Physics 228, 4911 (2009).
"Measurement of the molar fraction of 13C in diamond films using Raman and Rutherford scattering- an undergraduate student laboratory experiment"D.M. Matthews*, Jr., W.S. Hooker*, Jr., E.W. Shroyer*, P.A. Baker, Y.K. Vohra, and R. S. Peterson, Nucl. Instr. & Methods B241, 481 (2005).
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