The University offers course credit to interested students while learning how to play two unique types of bells in towers around the quad. For physical education credits, students can register for classes that teach them how to ring eight change ringing bells in the historic Breslin tower. For music credits, students can learn how to play the University's historic Carillon, an instrument using a keyboard to ring bells in All Saints' Chapel.

For more information on these courses, and the bells at Sewanee, contact Professor Ray Gotko (

Bentley Bells History

The history of the Sewanee bells.

Carillon History

A history of Sewanee's Leonidas Polk Carillon

Take one of the Bell-Ringing Classes

Interested in becoming a bell-ringer or player? Get a PE credit!

Take one of the Carillon Classes

Want to become a Carillon player at Sewanee? Take the Music department course and learn to play.