Computer Science Resources

Internships and Fellowships

There are multiple sources for internships and summer research at Sewanee; see the Sewanee Career Readiness internship pages for complete lists. 


The comprehensive experience for computer science majors is designed to be an integrative capstone educational experience providing students an opportunity to demonstrate the accumulated expertise and understanding of four years of academic study. This experience is a two-stage process that combines (1) a certification component, in which a student demonstrates mastery of the fundamentals of the discipline in a written comprehensive competency examination, and (2) a subsequent oral presentation and examination of a particular facet of computer science, demonstrating that the student has achieved an appropriate level of mastery and maturity in the discipline.


The Computer Science Program has the use of dedicated spaces which serve as both classrooms and independent work and study spaces. Installed machines include dedicated Linux and Macintosh computers.


Find some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the program!


The 3/2 engineering program is an academic program for three years of study at a liberal arts school followed by two years of study in an engineering program which results in bachelor’s degrees from the liberal arts college and from the engineering college – two bachelor’s degrees. Each college has its own set of graduation requirements for a 3/2 program (there is also a 4/2 program).