Talk and Workshop with Dr. Johanna Schuster-Craig (Michigan State University)

     This talk cum workshop is part of German Campus Weeks 2020, a series of events on campus, sponsored by a grant from the Embassy of the FRG, Washington. At the 30-year anniversary of German Unity, Sewanee's iteration of Campus Weeks focuses on the topic of Immigration and Integration.

     Dr. Schuster-Craig, joining us via Zoom, introducede the events around the recent anti-mask Corona-Demonstration in Berlin and in comparison, the Protests for Moira Refugees across the country. Her specific focus lies on the involvement in and reactions to these occurrences by the far-right movements in Germany.

     In the interactive workshop portion, we are invited and challenged to engage with various samples of media coverage, sharpening our media literacy as we investigate the underlying agendas of the specific media outlets and the respective comment sections. 

Johanna Schuster-Craig’s research focuses on integration politics in Germany, both from the top-down (government policies and programs) and the bottom-up (social work projects and artist responses). She is also interested in race/racism/whiteness in Germany after 1989, ethnographic fieldwork methods, and the far-right (PEGIDA/AfD) responses to refugees.

Wednesday, 10/07/20, 4-5pm @ Convocation Hall, Gailor 225, Zoom


The Zoom Screen

Students watiching presentation