Anne Mitchell Wood, C'83

Anne Woods is a big proponent of language where she teaches.  When she interviewed for her first job as a fashion copywriter, the manager had also graduated with a language degree and hired her because she had studied abroad and spoke a second language fluently.  She's traveled all over the world picking out trends and garments to present to global companies who make fabrics and apparel.  In Germany and Switzerland, she presented trends in German.  Her degree in German encouraged her to learn from other cultures, seek what is new and always be open to new places, people and adventures.  Over the years, Ms. Wood has been a Fashion Director at organizations such as Saks Department Store Group, Lane Bryant, and Cato Corporation.

Alexander Badenoch C'93

Alexander (Alec) Badenoch completed a PhD in German Studies at the University of Southampton (UK) in 2004, and is currently instructor in media and culture studies at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.  His 2008 book, Voices in Ruins, about radio during the post-WWII Allied occupation of Germany, recently won the IAMHIST prize for best work in media and history 2007-2008. His current book (with Sarah Moss) Chocolate: a global history appeared in October, 2009.

Greg Wolf C'89

Greg Wolf earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in German from Ohio State University and is currently an Associate Professor of German at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. He enjoys introducing his students to German literature and culture and taking them to Germany.