Max Dahlquist

Assistant Professor of Geology

Snowden 201 / ext 1479




Eric Keen

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Snowden Hall 211A / ext. 1966

Martin A. Knoll

Professor of Geology, Department Chair

Snowden 203/ ext. 1713

Karen Kuers

Professor of Forestry

Snowden 207 / ext. 1421

Nicole Nunley

Laboratory Coordinator

GIS and GPS, laboratory set-up, student support

D. Bran Potter

Professor of Geology, Emeritus

Stephen A. Shaver

Professor of Geology, Emeritus

Sarah C. Sherwood

Associate Professor of Archaeology, University Archaeologist

Snowden 220 / ext. 3396

C. Ken Smith

Professor of Forestry

Snowden 209 / ext. 3219

Elizabeth 'Lily' Thompson

Assistant Professor of Geology

Snowden 214 / ext. 3321

Scott Torreano

Professor of Forestry

Snowden 205 / ext. 1271

Christopher Van de Ven

GIS Instructor, Manager of the Landscape Analysis Lab

Snowden 105 / ext. 3354

Keri Watson

Assistant Professor of Environmental Systems

Snowden 216 / ext. 1116