Maria Mattingly, Vase. 2022. Platinum-palladium print.


The Peter V. Guarico Merit Scholarship in Art provides support to senior Art majors for a year of tuition and funding towards a post graduate career preparedness experience. Candidates are eligible to apply for the scholarship during their junior year with the announcement of the scholarship recipient made at the end of March. The scholarship recognizes excellence in coursework, creative production, and demonstrated engagement with the visual arts.

Aspirations of the scholarship

  • To support and enhance a Sewanee Art Major’s Senior year
  • To foster Art, Art History, and Visual Studies on campus, in the community, and beyond the Gates
  • To reward exemplary engagement with the Art, Art History and Visual Studies program on campus

What it provides

  • Support for a post graduate career preparedness experience.
  • Tuition for the senior year

What is expected from the applicant

The ideal applicant will be able to demonstrate

  • Excellence in creative work
  • Enhanced engagement with the arts at and beyond Sewanee
  • Overall academic merit, with particular excellence in the Art major
  • A capacity to be an ambassador for Art, Art History, and Visual Studies on campus, in the community, and beyond the Gates


Open only to:

  • A declared major in Art;
  • with at least a 3.0 g.p.a. in the major and in good academic standing at the time of application; and
  • a third-year student, or junior, with at least 64 semester hours (16 full academic courses or their equivalent), but fewer than 96 semester hours (24 full academic courses or their equivalent)

 Maria Mattingly, Leaf. 2022. Platinum-palladium print.

Application Guidelines and Process

Applicants should compile the following items prior to submitting:

  • A portfolio of 10 examples of one or more bodies of work that indicate the formation of studio skills and critical thinking, according to the following guidelines:
    • You may submit up to two images showing detail views of work, for a total of 12 You may not submit a composite of multiple pieces, details, or views in one image.
    • Video submissions must be posted on Vimeo, with the proper viewing links. Create and submit a PDF entitled "Videos" and list separate links to each individual piece. Video preparation guidelines for Vimeo can be found here
    • All work must have been completed at the college level. Artwork from high school is not accepted.
    • All images and videos must be saved or renamed with the file name [01_Lastname_Title of Work]. Number the images in the order you wish them to be viewed.
  • An artist statement
    • State the creative choices, inspirations, and goals of the portfolio, and any broader interests expressed in this 250 words maximum. (PDF format)
  • A statement of interest, between 500–600 words total, that specifically addresses the following (PDF format)
    • Where do you think your art degree will lead you, and why?
    • We expect the Guarisco Merit Scholar to be an ambassador for Art, Art History, and Visual Studies on campus, in the community, and beyond the How do you imagine that happening?
    • A description of your studio practice, explaining how, when, where and why you work the way you do.
  • A résumé including relevant experience (PDF format)

Submission Instructions

  1. Having already prepared the above listed items
  2. Click here to begin the submission process
  3. Under “Upload Name”, enter your First and Last name, then click “continue”
  4. Drag into the browser window “Upload your files”:
    * the portfolio images in the sequence you wish them to be viewed, followed by
    * the PDF listing of video files (if submitted), then the
    * PDFs of artist statement,
    * statement of interest and
    * resume.
  5. Submit Image information by clicking on a thumbnail, then the purple 'i' button and editing the "description". Descriptions must include Title, Year, Medium, Size, in that order.
  6. Check everything carefully, as you will not be able to modify the submission after the next
  7. Click “Done with my uploads” when finished.
  8. You will receive an acknowledgment of application within 24 hours.


February 7, 2024 Application Window Open
March 7, 2024 @ 11:59pm Application Window Closes
End of March, 2024 Results Announced



Prof. Pradip Malde,,
Prof. Greg Pond 
Prof. Jessica Wohl