We asked families of recent graduates to share what they wish they had known about Family Weekend. Here's what they had to say.

Family Weekend Tips

  • "We enjoyed the Cookout each year. It was a great way to meet other families and even faculty and staff members."
  • "I always liked going to see the different sites, like Natural Bridge, the Cross, and Green's View. We even would hike and went caving one year."
  • "One of the best things about parents weekend was coming early like Wed and going to a class or two with our daughter. That was such a great way for parents to see the interaction between professors and students and get a feel for the community at Sewanee."
  • "You won't want to miss the Family Weekend dance....it's our favorite part and the band (Entice) is just the best!"
  • "The Arts and Crafts Fair across from the bookstore on Saturday is always so fun, plus you get to meet other families there and the art is great."
  • "It seemed like sometimes we would go to parties at homes where families were staying.  These were always fun and you get to meet your child's friends and their families.  However, we always tried to go to the official campus activities, too. That way you had a chance to see everyone."
  • "Don't be hurt if they don't want to spend every minute with you, they are just getting into or back into a routine and still making new friends."
  • "Be sensitive and attentive, my freshman year we met a new pledge brother as Brian only to find out parent's week-end to our great amusement and his profound embarrassment that his family and friends knew him as "Binky"—he had hoped to  use college an opportunity to lose Binky ... he was only partially successful."
  • "Encourage the parents to entertain not only their student but as many of his or her friends as they can muster ... it makes for a lot more fun and creates a bond with the other kids that lasts through future campus visits and long after graduation."
  • "It's not only ok but Sewanee tradition and lots of fun to include professors and their spouses in social functions... they are missing a lot if they only party with the students ... to that end, don't be shy about going by their office during the faculty visiting period."
  • "Your experience will be enhanced if you try to get to know other families and share a house rental together in future years. Accommodations are always difficult to find, but this way you can share expenses while making great friends."