Sewanee: The University of the South
2022 Commencement Week (May 5-8) Graduation Party Policy 
Student organizations/academic departments:
Beginning on Thursday, May 5, student organizations and academic departments may have social events with student members and guests. Student organizations must register their events. On Saturday night, there will be an all-campus event for graduates and their guests (so try to avoid this time as you plan your event). Each guest will be given two tickets for refreshments. Again, masking and distancing will be enforced at all such gatherings.
private social gatherings:

Beginning on Thursday, May 5, private social gatherings on leaseholds on the Domain will be permitted. You are not required to let us know about these events nor register them with the University.

There are some University venues that are available for your events.  Contact if you'd like to explore those options.  These events must be registered with the student life department (your student will know how to do that) and gatherings will follow campus COVID-19 guidelines in place at the time (currently all restrictions have been lifted).