Board of Trustees

The term of office of all elected trustees except for Student trustees shall commence on July 1 following their election and continue through June 30 three years thereafter. The term of office for Student trustees shall commence on May 1 following their election and continue through April 30 two years thereafter.

(Constitution and By-Laws of the University of the South - Article II) 

+ term expires 2020 | * term expires 2021 | - term expires 2022

  • The Rt. Rev. John McKee Sloan, Bishop
  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. Glenda S. Curry, Bishop Coadjutor
  • The Rev. Dr. Lucius "Andy" Anderson+
  • Norman Jetmundsen-
  • Joseph B. Mays Jr.*
  • The Rt. Rev. Larry R. Benfield, Bishop
  • The Rev. Jim McDonald+
  • John Flynn*
  • Thomas Christoph Keller-
  • The Rt. Rev. Robert C. Wright, Bishop
  • The Rev. Nikki Mathis+
  • Tammy Pallot*
  • George Williamson-
Central Florida
  • The Rt. Rev. Gregory O. Brewer, Bishop
  • The Rev. James Dorn+
  • Parker Bauer*
  • Frank B. Gummey III-
Central Gulf Coast
  • The Rt. Rev. James Russell Kendrick, Bishop
  • The Rev. John H. Riggin*
  • Scott Remington+
  • Kai Rodning-
  • The Rt. Rev. George R. Sumner Jr., Bishop
  • The Rt. Rev. Michael Smith, Assistant Bishop
  • The Rev. Paul Klitzke-
  • Orrin Harrison*
  • Missy Hubbell+
East Carolina
  • The Rt. Rev. Robert S. Skirving, Bishop
  • Vacant+
  • Tara Bartal-
  • J. Thomas Sutton*
East Tennessee
  • The Rt. Rev. Brian Cole, Bishop
  • The Rev. Robert Gieselmann+
  • Troy Eichenberger-
  • David Sanders*
  • The Rt. Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard, Bishop
  • The Rev. Malcolm Jopling+
  • Felicia Bullock*
  • Jackson Byron Greene-
Fort Worth
  • The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Mayer, Bishop
  • The Rev. Dr. Suzi Robertson*
  • Suzanne Meyers-
  • Jill McClendon+
  • The Rt. Rev. Frank Logue, Bishop
  • The Very Rev. Ted Clarkson*
  • Val Crumpton-
  • Isabella Stuart Reeves+
  • The Rt. Rev. Terry Allen White, Bishop
  • The Rev. Dr. Michael Vollman+
  • Stephanie Miller*
  • Leslie Newman-
  • The Rt. Rev. Mark A. Van Koevering, Bishop
  • The Rev. Karen W. Booth*
  • Hilary Jarvis-
  • Allison Moreman+
  • The Rt. Rev. Morris K. Thompson Jr., Bishop
  • The Rev. Ralph Howe Jr.*
  • Jason Akers+
  • Drew Broach-
  • The Rt. Rev. Brian R. Seage, Bishop
  • The Rev. David Elliott III+
  • Scott Davis-
  • Whitney Robinson*
  • The Rt. Rev. Deon Kevin Johnson, Bishop
  • The Rev. Doris Westfall-
  • Jack Lauless+
  • Chris Sturgeon*
North Carolina
  • The Rt. Rev. Samuel Rodman, Bishop
  • The Rt. Rev. Anne Hodges-Copple, Bishop Suffragan
  • The Rev. Robert B. Cook Jr.*
  • Emerson Bell-
  • George A. Brine+
Northwest Texas
  • The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Mayer, Bishop
  • Vacant+
  • Ken Baxter+
  • John Hill+
South Carolina
  • Vacant, Bishop
  • The Rev. Rob Donehue-
  • Jane Hart Lewis+
  • Thomas Miller*
Southeast Florida
  • The Rt. Rev. Peter Eaton, Bishop
  • The Rev. Benjamin Thomas-
  • Andrew Carter*
  • Alyson Crouch Hardin+
Southwest Florida
  • The Rt. Rev. Dabney T. Smith, Bishop
  • Vacant
  • Jeffery Patenaude*
  • Aaron Welch+
  • The Rt. Rev. John C. Bauerschmidt, Bishop
  • The Rev. Canon Gene Manning+
  • H. E. Miller Jr.*
  • W. A. Stringer*
  • The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, Bishop
  • The Rt. Rev. Jeff W. Fisher, Bishop Suffragan
  • The Rt. Rev. Kathryn M. Ryan, Bishop Suffragan
  • The Rev. William C. Treadwell+
  • Kristine Devine*
  • Ben Okoh-
Upper South Carolina
  • The Rt. Rev. Andrew Waldo, Bishop
  • The Rev. Robert L. Brown*
  • Molly Dougall+
  • Benton Williamson-
West Tennessee
  • The Rt. Rev. Phoebe Roaf, Bishop
  • The Rev. Amy George*
  • George Clarke-
  • Bill Nichol+
West Texas
  • The Rt. Rev. David Mitchell Reed, Bishop
  • The Rev. Ramiro Lopez-
  • Elizabeth Landry+
  • Shawn Browning Pettus*
Western Louisiana
  • The Rt. Rev. Jacob W. Owensby, Bishop
  • The Rev. Paul D. Martin-
  • Philip C. Earhart*
  • Andrea Marie Petrosh+
Western North Carolina
  • The Rt. Rev. Jose A. McLoughlin, Bishop
  • The Rev. Bentley Manning+
  • Christina Butterworth-
  • Bill Stiefel Jr.*
Associated Alumni
  • David Bale (Associated Alumni President)+
  • The Rev. Vicki T. Burgess-
  • Cathy Carlisi*
  • The Rev. Alice Courtright+
  • David Dye*
  • George Elliott*
  • Rayid Ghani+
  • Newell Smith Harbin*
  • Bill Harper-
  • Cornelia LaRussa-
  • Tandy Lewis-
  • Forrest McClain+
  • Paul Pearigen+
  • The Rev. Tom Purdy*
  • Carol Titus-
  • Sandy Guitar+
Faculty Trustees
  • Catherine Cavagnaro (College of Arts & Sciences)-
  • The Rev. Dr. Benjamin J. King (School of Theology)-
  • Donna Murdock (College of Arts & Sciences)+
Staff Trustees
  • Whitney Franklin (Exempt)+
  • Kasey Taylor (Non-Exempt)-
Student Trustees
  • Mike Harber (School of Theology)
  • Iyassu Kebede (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Sarah Strand (College of Arts & Sciences)
Vice-Chancellor and President
  • Reuben E. Brigety II, Ex-Officio
Officers of the Board
  • The Rt. Rev. Robert S. Skirving, Chancellor - term expires October 2024
  • Gerald L. Smith, Secretary - term expires October 2022
  • Jay Fisher, Deputy Secretary