Guidelines and Budgeting

The guidelines for financial support for participation in professional meetings between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022 will be announced soon from the Office of the Dean of the College. 
In order to make it possible to estimate the year’s expenditures, please let us know of your plans by October 21, 2021, via this formYou have the option to request an e-mail receipt for your answers; please be sure to check that box in the form.  

Requests for financial support are due October 22, 2021. Requests after this date must be approved personally by Dean Papillon. The meeting should be that of a recognized organization in the faculty member's academic discipline and/or a conference of recognized standing.

Within ten days of the conclusion of the meeting, a full financial accounting must be made using the Faculty Travel & Business Expenses Form. This form and scanned copies of receipts should be emailed to Kristen R. Godsey, Dean of the College Assistant for Finance and Administration. A travel expense report form must be completed separately for each professional meeting.

Faculty Travel and Business Form