University Awards

  • Excellence in teaching: Melody Lehn
  • Excellence in scholarship and/or creative production: Woody Register
  • Excellence in service to the institution: Stephanie McCarter
  • Excellence in teaching: Catherine Cavagnaro
  • Excellence in scholarship and/or creative production: Pradip Malde
  • Excellence in service to the institution: Pamela Macfie
  • Excellence in teaching: George Poe
  • Excellence in scholarship and/or creative production: Bill Engel and Amy Patterson
  • Excellence in service to the institution: Ruth Sanchez
  • Excellence in teaching: Angela Jordan and Kevin Wilson
  • Excellence in scholarship and/or creative production: Greg Clark
  • Excellence in service to the institution: Deborah McGrath and Betsy Sandlin

International, National, and Regional Awards (selected and recent)

  • National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Intern: Kerry Ginger
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW) Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowship: Maha Jafri
  • Federal Aviation Administration Safety Representative of the Year: Catherine Cagnaro
  • Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee: Catherine Cavagnaro
  • John Burroughs Medal for Distinguished Natural History Writing: David Haskell
  • American Psychological Association Outstanding Contribution to the Science of Trauma Psychology: Sherry Hamby
  • China Times Openbook Best Book for Life Award: David Haskell
  • Society for the Teaching of Psychology's Jane Halonen Teaching Excellence Award for Early Career Faculty: Jordan Troisi
  • Grammy Award for Best Choral Performance: Kerry Ginger
  • Dapeng Nature Writing Award: David Haskell
  • Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association's Jacqueline Elliott Award for Outstanding Service: Laurie Anne Ramsey
  • Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship: Mila Dragojevic
  • John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship: David Haskell
  • American Psychological Association Early Career Achievement Award: Jordan Troisi