STEM Labs 

We encourage you to share tools and techniques that are appropriate to your disciplines. Some advice from the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard: If you are focusing on learning techniques, look for online simulations. See this list of online labs and simulation resources. If you need to focus on interpreting data, consider using datasets from published literature or from previous semesters. If your students have already been working on projects, consider asking them to interpret data they have already gathered. If they have not gathered data, ask them to predict their outcomes and design the next steps.

Further STEM Resources:
*Environmental Science Online Teaching Resources for Stanford University

The Arts

While our virtual classroom options give you many tools for academic continuity, obviously there are limitations specific to the arts disciplines. Some disciplines, like theatre, studio arts, and dance, rely on in-person, active involvement in the creation of performative or physical art. In a potential transition to remote teaching, be creative and rely on one another in the ways that you might address an unexpected change in your class. You may, for example, choose to adapt your class by adjusting assignments to incorporate materials readily available to students, or allowing students to share and comment on one another's work digitally via videos or images. Be creative in the way you adjust to new challenges, and rely on your discipline-specific literature as well as your colleagues. 


We suggest you use one another as resources and also look to the professional organizations within your discipline for suggestions. Please submit your own tips, tools, and questions here and we will share them as this page evolves.