At Sewanee, our approach to academic advising is grounded in principles of respect, commitment, integrity, and professionalism—for both advisor and advisee in our system of shared responsibility. We firmly believe that effective advising depends upon a relationship of mutual respect and commitment.

Pre-Major Advising 

Each student is matched with a trained and dedicated pre-major advisor. This faculty member will help guide advisees through the first 3+ semesters of college, not just by assisting with questions but by probing, questioning, challenging, and encouraging advisees to explore academic opportunities and see the connections and relevance of their studies. Throughout this process, the advisor will engage the student in career exploration activities and will prompt involvement in those campus activities that help develop critical skills.

Expectations of pre-major students

Coming Soon: Academic Advising Contract

Major Advising 

In their fourth semester, students will declare a major and, in consultation with the chair of the respective department, will identify a new academic advisor. The major advisor will help the student confirm a degree path with consideration of “what comes next?” The advisee will take active steps to affirm that they graduate with an informed and intentional plan for the future.

Pre-Professional Advising

Pre-professional Programs

Sewanee's academic approach is not simply a liberal arts buffet of courses. Students here have an opportunity to dive deeply into the professional world through pre-professional tracks in health, business, education, engineering, and law.