1. During the College Summer School, the Honor Council will entrust its jurisdiction over the Honor Code to a Summer School Honor Committee, appointed by the Council, consisting of five persons. Any Council members who will be attending the Summer School will automatically sit on the Committee. If less than five Council members expect to be enrolled in Summer School, the remaining positions will be appointed by the Council before the end of the Easter Semester. The Council will designate which Honor Committee members will serve as Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.
  2. Two members of the Summer School Honor Committee will act as the Executive Committee of the Honor Committee with the Chair presiding, and may consult with an advisor appointed by an Associate Dean of the College. Only one vote will be needed for a case to proceed to a hearing with the Summer School Honor Committee.
  3. The procedures for a Summer School Honor Committee hearing will follow those of the Honor Council with the following exception: In the event that no Honor Council members are available for a Summer School Honor Committee hearing, an advisor appointed by an Associate Dean of the College shall be present during all the proceedings, except the deliberations and voting. It will be his or her responsibility to become thoroughly familiar with the rules of conduct of hearings and to ensure that these rules are followed during a hearing. Three (3) members eligible to vote shall constitute a quorum.
  4. It will be the responsibility of the Chair of the Summer School Honor Committee to familiarize summer school students with the meaning and significance of the Honor Code and to remind the Summer School Faculty of its responsibility to support the Code.


Revised December 2014