At International Karaoke Night, students of all levels sing songs in the language that they are studying.  It's a night of fun, food, music, prizes, friendly competition, and learning about other cultures and their music. 

There were acts in Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The 3 judges: Linda Heck, Travis Parker, and Mario Torres chose the winning acts in each category:

1st Place: Benjamin Csaszar singing Con te partirò by Andrea Bocelli in Italian
2nd Place: Carmen Momplet singing Senza fine by Gino Paoli in Italian
3rd Place: Yifei Liu singing Grey Rainbow by Christine Fan in Chinese

1st Place: John Thomas & Cam Wilcox singing ¿Y como es el? by Jose Luis Perales in Spanish
2nd Place: The Italian House residents singing Quando, quando, quando by Tony Renis in Italian
3rd Place: Amelia Leaphart & Lindsey Crouchet singing Adios, amor by Christian Nadal in Spanish

1st Place: Dr. Glacet's FREN203 singing Champs Élysées by Joe Dassin in French
2nd Place: Dr. Martini's ITAL203 singing Felicità by Al Bano & Romina Power in Italian
3rd Place: Dr. Tan's CHIN203&302 singing Ode to Happiness by Yu Chenqing in Chinese