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"The Voice of Sewanee"

Program Guide for the Current Semester


  • 1-2PM - Colin Smith, “The Penguin
    An hour of Fleetwood Mac, and the solo careers of Fleetwood Mac, every Monday (no longer mornings :( )
  • 2-3PM - Ella Slade, Community Programming
  • 4-5PM - Winnie Litchfield, “H.A.G.S.
    Songs to listen to after school.
  • 5-6PM - Cari Reynolds, “The Cash and Cari Radio Hour
    I start with the Man in Black and just see where that leads. Expect an ever-evolving mixtape of Folk, Americana, Alt-Country, Blues, Funk, and occasional Classic Hip Hop.
  • 6-7PM - Emmaline May, “Mystic Mondays
    Tune in for an hour of music based on astrology.
  • 7-8PM - Sarah Signorino, Lindsey Crouchet, “TBD”
  • 8-9PM - Charles Hargrove, Pri Menefee, “Figuring It Out
    Two friends, one introducing the other to podcasts, decide to create their own show where they play their favorite songs and discuss topics they think are interesting. You’ll probably find them interesting too.
  • 9-11PM - Joe Threlkeld and Henry Joyner, “HogHour
    random music and conspiracy theories


  • 9-11AM - Ella Slade, Community Programming
  • 2-3PM - Colin Rice and Emma Miller, “The Benedict Variety Hour
    Here, for one hour a week, hear these kids change and blow your minds with some ice cold common sense.
  • 3-4PM - Turner and Dixon Cline, “Retrospective Revolution
    Your hosts explore the world of film and fantastic music across genres, styles, and eras.
  • 4-5PM - Emily Cate and Robin Kate Davis
  • 5-6PM - Sarah Hall, “WUTS Upon a Record
    Lovely host Sarah Hall leads you through “WUTS Upon a Record,” the radio show which walks you through story-driven highlights of the best narrative albums around.
  • 6-7PM - Ella Slade, Community Programming
  • 7-8PM - Julia Nelson and Elizabeth Anthony
  • 8-9PM - Grace Sims, Hallie McKinnie, and Hannah Keller
  • 9-11PM - Scott Ullstein, Cooper Murray, and JT Mitchell, “Trashed Potatoes
    The best music on the mountain, plus a little witty banter


  • 1-3PM - Ella Slade, Community Programming
  • 4-5PM - Alex Robinson
    Playing a variety of music for a variety of listeners.
  • 5-6PM - Camille Seldin, “No Country for Old Camille
    Camille plays lots of different kinds of music but always Henry Mancini.
  • 6-7PM - Kallysta Erickson and Allison Grondines, “Phoenix Fire
    Enjoy an hour filled with flaming classics and fiery new bops.
  • 7-8PM - Gray Matthews and Jarret Willis, “Good Times are Rollin’”
    We all discuss some sporting news, tell funny stories/jokes, and play good music
  • 8-10PM - JT Mitchell and Camille Gladden, “Against My Mother’s Wishes
    The music your mother never wanted you to listen to. Rock on!
  • 10-11PM - Elijah Greiner and Angus Pritchard


  • 9-11AM - Ella Slade, Community Programming
  • 2-3PM - Tashinga Vhumisai, “Talking with T
    Your host will talk about college life and the future while playing some alternative tunes.
  • 3-4PM - Rebecca Dorward, Alexis McKnight
  • 5-6PM - Jack Brinson, Lyman Ortkiese, “Farewell Transmission
    Listen in to Lyman and Jack as they cover a variety of topics important or interesting to your hosts paired with thematically similar music.
  • 7-8PM - Ivey Dahlstrom, Meg Kirby, “Your Side Story
    An eclectic combination of adult woman chit-chat (#adulting), listening to bad music you secretly love, and general tomfoolery. The Devil works hard, but the bills work harder.
  • 8-9PM - Henry Proctor and Will Irwin, “The Thrift Shop
    Will Irwin and Henry Proctor lead you through the Thrift Shop.
  • 9-11PM - Richard Pryor III, “The Pryor Power Hour
    It’s the same as before, but now two hours and with rap!


  • 11AM-Noon - Kat Griffin and Cat Walthall, “Cat2
    Your hosts combine their two very different music tastes for a unique listening experience. Join us each week as we create a theme for the hour.
  • 2-3PM - Joe Marasciullo and Nick Heid, “Self-important
    Radical centrism. If there’s an opinion on the show you get to cancel it.
  • 3-4PM - David Lyon, “Troutwave”,
    Troutwave will take audiences on an unusual journey into the world of electronic music.
  • 4-5PM - Theo Evans, Finn Anderson, Nick Govinden, “Tres Aylmdos”,
    Three idiots play chill music, review books and movies, and talk about sports for an hour before the weekend begins.
  • 5-6PM - Dolly Prince, “Tea Time with Dolly
    Listen to the British girl rant about life in the South. She is ready to spill all the tea and share with you her favourite artist of the week.


  • 10-11AM - Felix Wilson


  • 1-2PM - Ian Williams, Nicholas Liston-Avanim
  • 4-5PM - Rebecca French, Jack Riordan, “the Four O’clock Talk
  • 5-6PM - Nicole Nesbit
  • 6-7PM - Ann Chapman Haynes, Lily Fox
  • 7-8PM - Kyle Partain, Jack Spruill, “Apples & Orange Juice
    Your hosts engage in interesting, amusing conversation while also providing you with a wide range of music to discover.
  • 8-9PM - Emma Burdett, “Never Adult Moment”,
    Tasty licks with your host Emma Burdett.
  • 9-10PM - DJ Electric Graveyard, “Ravin’ in the Grave
    Wrap up your weekend with songs to help you party 'til you’re 6 foot under. Genres include edm, dubstep, rap, and everything in between.
  • 10-11PM - Rob Mohr, Ash Midyett, “Sunday Shreddies
    Rob and Ash jam away your Sunday Scaries with various varieties of music *air horn*