Listen to over 20 shows hosted by students at Sewanee


"The Voice of Sewanee"



12-2PM - Charlie Bond, “International Tea”
A laid-back show that blends soothing Lofi/Jazzy international music with a soothing chat/guided meditation/Tea ceremony. This show aims to invite listeners to tune in and unwind.

 3-4PM - Felix Wilson, “J Star”,
An exploration and run through of some the most popular and more niche songs and albums for Japan’s 1970s-80 genres of city pop and jazz fusion

 4-5PM - Emmaline May, “Mystic Mondays”
 Music and analysis of the current natal positions of the stars and planets
Songs to listen to after school.

 5-7PM - Audrey Hoffman, “(She's a) Rebel Girl with Audrey Hoffman”,
 A show that dissects the most impactful sounds of contemporary music. This show is centered around revealing the stories behind western music most influential albums, while also recognizing the many contributions of both POC and LGBT+


1-2PM - Sheppard Denton,”Sheppard’s Sewanee Sounds”
Music that I’ve been listening to over the past week that reflects my experiences at Sewanee

 2-3PM - Cari Reynolds, “The Cash and Cari Radio Hour
I start with the Man in Black and just see where that leads. Expect an ever-evolving mixtape of Folk, Americana, Alt-Country, Blues, Funk, and occasional Classic Hip Hop.5-6PM - Rebecca Dorward, Sarah Wright, Chloe, “On Air”music and laughs; we will probably just play songs and perhaps talk about them in between (mostly music)

 5-6PM - Rebecca Dorward, Sarah Wright, Chloe, “On Air”
Music and laughs

8-9PM - Smith Cochran, Trip Mize, and George Caldwell, “Outrageously Skillful”
The unique buddies talk about their fondest sports memories, current pop culture, and play their favorite music on the radio show Outrageously Skillful. Our segment is intended for viewers who might enjoy a unique perspective on the sports and music industries who also don't take themselves too seriously. This segment has it all, from playful G.O.A.T. discussions to in-depth explorations of all-time great musicians.



11-12PM - Cassie Nicotera, “Deep Cuts”
History and lesser-known songs by popular classic rock and punk bands.

 1-2PM - Cecilia McFadden, Lillian Holloway, Dixon Cline, Alexis Castro, “Solidarity”
A multifaceted radio talk show based on socialist movements, themes and topics. This includes American folk music in a variety of socialist styles.   We wish to educate, entertain, and indulge our listeners in the intricate legacy of left-wing politics and the social economic system that exists around them.

3-4PM - Skyler Adams,” Happy Music: a Blues Station”
This show will explore the roots and branches of the American blues genre. From its origins in the Delta to its cosmic influences today. It will be a listening and learning experience as I, A blues rookie, explore the genre and its importance together with the listener. The show will primarily consist of pre-recorded music streaming with some facts and discussion along the way.

7-8PM - Cecilia Blackledge, Charlotte Ganter, Sparrow Womac,Y'allternative”
Y'allternative is a show that focuses on finding joy in the little moments of life. We will share the highlights of our week and play the songs that we associate with those moments in an effort to be present and find value in the mundane. Our show is not restricted to a certain genre of music - we play whatever captures the memories, feelings, and colors that we want to share with each other and with our listeners.



9-11AM - Cecilia Blackledge, Charlotte Ganter, Sparrow Womack, “Discographic: Deep Dive”

11-1PM - Zach McCullough, Mckee Haynes, Corley Haynes, Jack Morrow, “Butthouse Radio”
We will play sick tunes and have meaningful conversations.

 7-9PM - Tom Walker, ”Songs in the Key of Life”
a show with chill music across genres focused on daily philosophy and the little things in life. Featuring uplifting news from near and far.



4-5PM - Sheppard Denton, “The Sounds of Sewanee”
A celebration of the Music played here on the mountaintop, past and present. It will consist of conversations with guests, stories, and live/streamed music from past and present members of our community.

5-7PM - Kenneth Antoine and Samuel Grace-Conyers, “Hey Man! w/ Kenny and Sam”
Two black students providing an in-depth look on topics surrounding music, fashion, pop culture, and current events. With a laid-back feel, this show aims to shed light on issues that matter to us along with guests.



5-7PM - Ruby Purgason, ”Personally by Ruby”
This show is quite literally anything you want it to be. Each show, I discuss my useless options on anything and everything, as long as it’s not serious. If you want to talk about Popular Books and movies, Ancient Mythology, even the Twilight Saga then this is the show for you. Make requests or listen to whatever insane thing I come up with to discuss, and listen to music associated with each topic! It’ll be fun! Tune in!