We empower students to build their own success so they can flourish, become their best selves on campus, and be ready to pursue lives of meaning and purpose.

Your Success Starts Here

The Center for Student Success & Flourishing is your first stop for getting connected to the support you may need. It also serves as a collaborative space to bring together leaders from Student Success, Career Readiness, Integrated Advising, and Flourishing and Wellness to work together on behalf of students.


The Center for Student Success & Flourishing is open! Come check it out on the main floor of Carnegie Hall. No appointment or specific question necessary—you can stop in to meet with staff, seek out resources, or simply make use of the study and hangout space.


Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 931.598.1121

Email: studentsuccess@sewanee.edu

Success Coaching

Success coaches are here to help you develop goals, design a cohesive collegiate experience (including summers and first destinations after graduation), connect with resources, and enact strategies for success. They can offer you tools for academic success, career planning, time management and goal setting, as well as help you to find connections and belonging on campus.

Career Readiness

Sewanee Career Readiness can help you discover your strengths, learn career skills through workshops and individual appointments to explore potential majors, careers, internships and jobs. You can gain real-world job experience through our strong internship program, tools for graduate or professional school applications and an extensive Sewanee network.

Integrated Advising

Integrated Advising supports you by offering holistic support and resources to help you make informed decisions as you create academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, and career plans to achieve your goals.

Academic Support

Every learner finds their own way and might need different types of learning environments or support to manage the rigors and expectations of the classroom. Sewanee offers a range of academic resources that can help you in many ways.


What is Flourishing? Flourishing is a state in which all aspects of a person’s life are good. At Sewanee, we have adopted Tyler Vanderweele’s (2017) definition of flourishing, which comprises six pillars of well-being: physical and mental health, happiness & life satisfaction, close social relationships, meaning and purpose, character and virtue, and financial stability.


One-on-one and small group mentoring relationships with students, staff, faculty and alumni can help you find belonging and support throughout your time at Sewanee.

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