Sewanee Village Ventures will help create a vibrant and engaging downtown community experience for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the University of the South.


University Commitment

The University has committed to invest $10M in new residential and commercial initiatives to help create an even more vibrant and engaging experience in our community by forming Sewanee Village Ventures, Inc (SVV).


SVV has now begun to bring over a decade of planning to life. The Village of Sewanee is a vital part of the experience of our students, faculty, staff, residents, alumni, and visitors. Acknowledging the strategic importance of the Village’s location and role to the community by the University, SVV has embarked on a series of investment projects intended to enhance the area, increase residency options for employees, and establish new retail and hospitality offerings for all to enjoy.

Builder Community Resources

Efforts are underway to enable new construction on the Domain. Planning resources for builders and residents are available to help your work get underway.

Economic Development

Need more information or have questions? Contact David Shipps, vice president of economic development.