Project Contributors: Pravesh Agarwal, Zachary Shunnarah, Feza Anaise Umutoni

Community Partner: Thrive Regional Partnership

Thrive Regional Partnership is a non-profit based in Chattanooga who collaborated with Sewanee DataLab to highlight the disparity of broadband internet access in its neighboring communities.

Problem: Due to the lack of broadband asset inventory, there is an insufficient understanding of broadband assets and access which restricts the ability to explore trends and patterns in broadband access.

Solution: The DataLab team created an interactive open source map showing the available broadband assets and distribution in 16 counties of Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

Impact: The online dashboard highlights the disparity in broadband assets and distribution, which will allow for necessary intervention to bridge the gap in broadband disparity of the tri state region that was evaluated.

A Sewanee DataLab team of 3 worked to increase equitable internet access.