Sewanee RISE (Recognizing and Inspiring Success and Excellence) Scholars Program

What is the Sewanee RISE Scholars Program?

The RISE Program is a scholars program that focuses on student success in college and beyond. RISE scholars will embark on a path to success through working together and engaging in mentored leadership and career development programming. Scholars will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and explore a broad array of scholarship endeavors. There is a strong focus on both curricular and co-curricular programming with the ultimate goal of RISE scholars matriculating to graduate school.

Who are Sewanee RISE Scholars?

RISE scholars have diverse interests and strengths, are goal oriented, and want to make an impact through taking on leadership roles both in the classroom and on campus. RISE scholars come from all academic disciplines and are committed to the learning process to reach their goals.

Why be a RISE Scholar?
  1. You have an instant support network. Our first cohort of RISE scholars will be a mixed cohort of incoming first year students and current Sewanee students.
  2. You will make a impact on campus. Socially conscience engaged learning is a cornerstone of how RISE scholars will interact with coursework.
  3. You will work closely with advisors that will help you reach your career goals.  Advisors will work one on one with RISE scholars to help them navigate the opportunities on campus and work toward developing each RISE scholar’s unique strengths. 
How to be a RISE Scholar?

Application details needed.

  • Describe an event in which you were disappointed with the outcome and what you did about it that shows your resiliency?
  • Identify a moment when your view point and/or goals were different than the majority and how you approached this situation and what was the outcome? 
  • Describe an experience where you worked, either individually or as a group, to facilitate positive change in your community. 

How many RISE Scholars are there? 
This is our first cohort, we plan to have 6 first- year students and 6 current students.  

Will the first cohort be different than other RISE Scholar cohorts?  
Yes, the our first cohort of RISE scholars will not only benefit from the RISE programming offered but will be instrumental establishing the future goals and mission of the RISE program.

When do I have to come to campus? 
RISE scholars will have their first in-person meeting the first week of classes. 

Is there a scholarship involved with being a RISE scholar? 
RISE Scholars who remain in good standing will receive a stipend each semester, but there are no direct tuition benefits.