Consultant Advent Semester Client Organization Project Title
Kendall Buck 2023 The Huneebee Project, New Haven, CT Steps to Building a Non-profit Organization – A Transferable Model
Kenedi Clinton 2023 Athletics Department, University of the South, Sewanee,TN Breaking Barriers: An In-Depth Analysis of Diversity in Sports Recruiting at Sewanee
Jake Cohen 2023 Lunch, Sewanee, TN Sustainability Assessment System for Local Sewanee and Monteagle Businesses
Betsy Conger 2023 BC Whales, British Columbia, Canada Baleen Whale Genomics: Inventorying the World’s Datasets
Emma Daughtry 2023 Community Action Food Pantry, Sewanee, TN Overcoming Barriers to Locally Sourced Food Distribution at the Community Action Food Pantry in Sewanee, TN
Ruthie Lunsford 2023 South Cumberland Community Fund, Monteagle, TN The Necessity of Systematized Transportation Services Through Empirical Analysis
Adri Silva 2023 Zeal, Manchester, TN Enhancing Capacity, Empowering Communities Consultancy Report for ZEAL
Delana Turner 2023 St. Mark’s Community Association, Sewanee, TN Increasing Sustained Student Involvement with the St. Mark’s Community Association’s Initiatives
Richard Alan Waters II 2023 Franklin County Election Commission, Winchester, TN Increasing Civic Knowledge Among the Franklin County Youth Population
Anne Dobson Ball 2022 Community Action Committee; Sewanee, TN On-Campus Student Supply Closet
Harriet Oglesby 2022 BRIDGE Refugee program; Chattanooga, TN Health Professionals as Mentors in Intensive Case Management
Zach Shunnarah 2022 South Cumberland Community Fund; Monteagle, TN Transportation System Feasibility
Emily Weerasinghe 2022 A Step Ahead; Chattanooga, TN Increase Educational Opportunities in Rural Communities
Caroline Willett 2022 Southeast Tennessee Young Farmers Coalition; Sewanee & Monteagle, TN Framing Data to Shift Public Understanding of Farming in Southeast Tennessee Southeast Tennessee Young Farmers Coalition
Ella Cobbs 2022

Arts Inside; Grundy County, TN

Benefits of Jail-Arts Programming and Recommended Framing Tactics for Various Stakeholders
Hayeon Ryou 2022 Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic; Beersheba Springs, TN Establishing the Social Determinants of Health in Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic Service Areas
Ian Kusher 2021   Health Care Accessibility
Sam Straessle 2021 Arts Inside; Grundy County, TN Organizational Expansion Through Court Date Reminders and Transportation
Mary Grace Bouldin 2020 The South Cumberland Health Network; Sewanee, TN Accompaniment on the South Cumberland Plateau
Will Priest 2020 Otey Parish Community Action Committee; Sewanee, TN What's Next? Models of Partnership for the Community Action Committee
Gil Horner 2019 Grundy County Safe Baby Court; Altamont, TN Leveraging Medical Resources to Meet Legal Needs
Morgan Jennings 2019 South Cumberland Health Network; Sewanee, TN South Cumberland Healthcare Resource Directory Consultancy Report
Abigail Straessle 2019 The Syrian Emergency Task Force; Washington, DC Documenting Victims of War; A Report on Ethical Considerations in Conducting and Publishing Interviews
Esmeralda Trevino 2019 Westwood Elementary School ESL Program; Manchester, TN Improving the effectiveness of Sewanee volunteers' skill sets at Westwood Elementary School
Olivia Whitcomb 2019 American Sexual Health Association; Research Triangle Park, NC Disability and Sexual Health: Communication and Understanding Between Patients and Healthcare Providers
Caroline Sweetin 2019 The University of the South: Dean of Students Office; Sewanee, TN Creating Smoke-free Campuses: A Comprehensive Research Manual
Emily Badgett 2019 Office of Civic Engagement: Yea! Sewanee Votes!; Sewanee, TN Promising Practices for Sewanee's Democratic Engagement Initiative
Mesgana Dagnachew 2019 Office of Civic Engagement: Eat well. Be well; Sewanee, TN Best Practices for Diabetes Prevention Programs in Rural Communities
Andrew Hupp 2019 FOCAGIFO and The Hope Institute; Kampala, Uganda FOCAGIFO and The Hope Institute: An Analysis of Best Practices
Peter Bahr 2019 The Grundy County Sheriff's Office; Altamont, TN Continuing and Expanding the Sewanee - Grundy County Sheriff’s Office Partnership in Reentry Support
Sarah Cordell 2019 Folks at Home; Sewanee, TN Intergenerational Programming in Sewanee, TN
Kelsey Arbuckle 2018 National Diaper Bank; New Haven, CT Effects of Framing on the Overall Success of Diaper Banks and Programs


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