Associate Professor of Psychology, Chair
B.A., North Carolina State University; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

C. Albert Bardi has taught at Sewanee since 2008. A clinical psychologist, he earned BA degrees in Psychology and Philosophy at North Carolina State University. After completing a Harvard fellowship and earning his PhD at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Professor Bardi worked as a tribal clinician for the San Carlos Apache of Arizona and the Passamaquoddy of Northern Maine.

As an academic, Professor Bardi has followed his own and his students’ interests in the development and validation of personality measures that relate to function including shyness, optimism, entitlement, comfort-seeking and assertiveness. Professor Bardi has worked with students to construct measures that are tailored for non-dominant U.S. cultural groups. He and his students have conducted studies on the construct of assertiveness. Their work has provided the basis for the inclusive understanding and measurement of assertiveness and related concepts such as passivity and aggressiveness.

Currently, Professor Bardi is engaged in an inter-campus study of inclusiveness which will serve as the basis for an assessment tool and a toolkit for facilitating an inclusive working environment in university departments.

Courses offered
101 Principles of Psychology
202 Abnormal Behavior
251 Research Methods and Data Analysis (lab)
280 Psychology of Human Diversity
380 Latinx Psychology
408 Seminar in Abnormal Behavior (not offered 2015-16)

Woods Lab 303A / ext. 1151