Community in the Classroom

At Sewanee, we understand that there are ways to learn that have nothing to do with sitting at a desk. That’s why every day, our students leave the classroom to get involved directly in their community—both locally and globally. Through a variety of community-engagement programs, Sewanee students use what they’ve learned in the classroom to help others and, in turn, bring the lessons they learn in the community back to the classroom. Getting involved in community engagement at Sewanee means putting the liberal arts into practice. Students find many different avenues to do this: through Community Engaged Learning (CEL), the Bonner Leaders Program, and the Outreach Office.

Although I came to Sewanee thinking that I was isolated on a college campus, community-engagement courses have taught me that I am part of a much larger world and that my academic learning does not just happen in a classroom or on the Domain.

—Emily Luethke C’10

About Community-Engaged Learning

CEL works in concert with Sewanee's Bonner Leaders Program to attract students committed to service leadership and support of CEL classes as a part of their undergraduate education.


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Examples of Community Engaged Learning

Each semester, Sewanee offers a variety of types of community-engagement classes: from art and biology to local history and philosophy.