With support from the Board of Regents, the University is convening a committee to examine the use of alcohol and narcotics at Sewanee.

Many students and parents will recall that shortly after the start of this semester in August, Vice-Chancellor Brigety committed to a review of the student code of conduct regarding alcohol and drug expectations and enforcement. At its October meeting, the Board of Regents supported convening a committee for the purpose of examining the use of alcohol and narcotics at Sewanee. Vice President for University Relations Jay Fisher and Associate Dean of Health and Wellness Nicole Noffsinger-Frazier will co-chair the Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Narcotics (ACAN), which will be composed of faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, trustees, and regents. See the list of committee members below.

The committee will begin meeting in late October. Early meetings are expected to focus on education about the issues, a review of the data, and discussion. Students—some of whom have previously drafted policy revisions—will bring an updated set of recommendations to the committee.

The committee has a goal of recommending to the Board of Regents in February a framework to guide the University’s approach to substance use by its students and a new policy that better addresses the nature of the alcohol/drug culture on campus, recognizes the legal issues, supports and educates our students, and provides more equitable consequences for students who violate the policy. If approved, the new policy could be implemented for most of the spring semester.

ACAN members

  • Sarah Asinger, C’21, Wick Activist Coalition
  • Alexa Fults, C’21, Honor Council chair
  • Bennett Griffin, C'22
  • Ben Hatfield, C’23, SGA, Sewanee Outing Program
  • Margaret Martin, C’21, TKP president
  • Zan Meyer, C’21, ATO president
  • Madeleine Rumingan, C’22, Kappa Delta
  • Sam Straessle, C'20
  • Klarke Stricklen, C’22, Roberson Project research assistant, Sewanee NAACP  
  • Rollins Turner, C’21, Phi Society president
  • William and Trista Ferrell, P’21, Parents’ Council chairs
  • Laura Nix, P’22
Alumni and Trustees
  • Cathy Carlisi, C’89, trustee
  • Lee Hancock, C’81, Women of Sewanee volunteer
  • Bill Harper, C’78, P’08, P’10, trustee, Alumni Greek Council vice president
  • Curtis Johnson, C’14, Alumni Executive Board member
  • The Rev. Polly Robb, T’19, P’11, P’15, trustee
  • Renia Dotson, C’88
  • David Johnson, P’18, P’20
Faculty and Staff
  • Kate Cammack, assistant professor of psychology
  • John Coffey, assistant professor of psychology
  • Lauren Goodpaster, assistant dean for campus life (College)
  • The Rev. Deborah Jackson, T’07, associate dean for community life (School of Theology)
  • Chip Schane, director of public safety
  • John Shackelford, P’24, director of tennis