Rob Pearigen Comes Home

The 18th vice-chancellor has been here before—as a student, as a professor, as a dean, as a fundraiser. Now, with the experience of having served as president of a peer institution, it’s time for him to lead the university that has mattered so much in his life.

In mid-December last year, the day after Vice-Chancellor Search Committee Co-Chairs Mary Claire Murphy and the Rev. Canon Katie Pearson called Rob Pearigen to let him know that he was the committee’s choice to be put forward for election by the Board of Trustees, Pearson emailed Pearigen to share a blessing from one of her favorite books.

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Current Features

Timeless Grit

Inspired by the hiring of a new head football coach, photographer Gordon Hight set out to document the new-look Tigers’ 2023 season in striking black and white as Coach Andy McCollum and his players seek to recapture some of Sewanee’s legendary gridiron glory.

Global Curiosity, Local Insights

Thanks to the Biehl International Research Fellowships, four Sewanee students spent the summer undertaking transformative research journeys across three continents.

Designing a Just Society

Sewanee Assistant Professor of Psychology Katy Morgan’s pioneering community design program empowers students to transform the places they live by conceptualizing stronger, more resilient neighborhoods.

Unflappable and Unstoppable

Sewanee women’s tennis doubles team Brooke Despriet and Katherine Petty went from strangers to NCAA champions in a single season, adding an elusive prize to their legendary coach’s career in the process.

The Cross at 100

In 1922, a Sewanee vice-chancellor made a fateful nighttime walk up the plateau that ended at sunrise with a stunning vista and a vision. His foresight would result in an enduring symbol of the University that would stand for a century—so far.