Reflection of Memories
a solo exhibition by Calley Doyle

March 25 - March 29, 2024
Artist reception Thursday, March 28th @ 5:00pm, Carlos Art Gallery

The Carlos Gallery in the Nabit Art Building at the University of the South is pleased to present Reflection of Memories, an exhibition of paintings and collages by student Calley Doyle.

It is often considered that when history and art intersect, the results are propaganda. Reflection of Memories subverts that argument in that history relies on evidence while art as a creative endeavor comes from the immediate experience of being alive. In this sense, history and art seem diametrically opposed to each other. This body of work collapses time and makes the continuum of history immediately visible. By making histories accessible, they can be preserved in their multitude of forms.

To collapse time, these works use portraiture, collages, collection, and curation. Using portraits from different years, this body of work condenses different versions of identity into the same space.The collection of old objects also communicates the passing of time throughout an individual’s life. Not only does this body of work collect these portraits and old items, but it also purposefully curates them. By curating appearance and inner thoughts, these works serve as pieces of historical evidence. As a result, they also function as preserved moments in time to be rediscovered in the future. Using these motifs, this work takes advantage of the creative freedom welcomed in art to document history in a variety of forms.

Calley Doyle is a senior at the University of the South. She is an art and history major, and will continue her interest in archiving and curation in graduate school. Her works in Reflection of Memories serve as an accumulation of four years of art she has made in her college career.

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