Show Open: Wednesday, October. 26, 4:30pm-5:30 p.m.

Display: Wednesday, October 26 - Saturday, November 12

Carlos Gallery in the Visual Arts Building
(Gallery hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM, Saturday 1:00–5:00PM)

The Carlos Gallery in the Visual Art Building at University of the South is pleased to present the Finding Your Place Capstone Project Exhibition, a multidisciplinary group exhibit of capstone projects by students in FYRP 130: The Artist as Collector and FYRP 101: Creating Place. Both courses are a part of Sewanee’s Finding Your Place first-year program, and are taught by Jessica Wohl, Associate Professor of Art and Chair of Art, Art History and Visual Studies, and Rob Bachman, F.B. Williams Professor and Chair of Chemistry and Director of the First-Year Program, respectively. The exhibition will feature the creative work of 27 first-year students.

In The Artist as Collector, students consider why people collect and what truths can be revealed through the study of collections, from the historical and place-based to the personal and seemingly meaningless. In this exhibition, through the generation and presentation of collections, students illuminate and reveal issues, sentiments and experiences that are otherwise hidden and invisible. Through conducting research, asking questions and curating information in quantities, these students situate their personal interests and concerns in the universal, and allow their collections to visualize their experiences as they come to understand Sewanee as a new place and as their new home. The multidisciplinary collections take the form of installations, photographs, paintings, posters, garments, moving images and an interactive website.

Students in Creating Place explore how chemical processes generate and transform the world, and search for the hidden chemistry that brings landscapes, places, and communities to life. Artistic works resulting from these investigations take the form of cyanotypes, a historical and alternative printing process that results from exposure of a carefully-prepared chemical mixture spread on a surface to ultraviolet light. Students’ experimentation in the laboratory, discovery of chemical processes, and the development of craftsmanship ultimately transform digital images of places, memories, or dreams into a blue-tinted print that can present familiar imagery in an unfamiliar way, asking viewers to consider looking at the world with a new perspective.

The exhibition features work by the following students:
Mich Arango-Rojas, Sunny Bowers, Grace Byron, Sammy Campo, Annalise Doyle, Stephen Ferreira, Eleanor Forbes, Jd Franklin, Abigail French, Aidan Ganchan, Austin Gao, Justin Gao, Arden Grace Gipson, Sam Goodwin, Conner Hale, Savannah Jetton, Allison Krob, Jasmin Maldonado, Sher Shah Mir, Camilla Mook, Ivy Francis Moore, Nicole Nguyen, Jacob Novem, Victoria Ryan, Lily Stranahan, Emily Williams and Rosalea Woodard.

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