These Hallowed Halls

Kirk Battle, C'2005

As the South reels following the Civil War, a group of survivors unite to rebuild a school in Tennessee. Told from eight perspectives--freed slaves, Confederate veterans, widows, students--These Hallowed Halls is an epic saga about building a university that has lasted for generations.

A Christmas Carol for Grown-Ups

Tony Jordan, C'1969

A collection of Christmas stories for Grown-Ups. There's a ghost, well sort of, an unopened gift, an empty pickle jar and a dog of many names.

The Wooden King

Thomas McConnell, C'1984

Czechoslovakia, 1939: Snow is falling over the city when the Nazis invade. Before the ice on the roads has a chance to melt, everything has changed for the country—and for Viktor Trn.

Breakfast with Faulkner

Tony Jordan, C'1969

Four generations of a Mississippi family encounter William Faulkner in person and in print. Beginning in 1938 the book follows the family through the end of the depression, WWII, and into the 21st century with Faulkner making appearances along the way to drive the narrative.


Thirty-year-old Kent McKutcheon has come to Atlanta with little ambition beyond his earnest desire to grow up and be a good person. But after a year of contented, stable existence with his Mennonite wife, Maggie, a defense attorney with a passion for social justice, Kent cannot quiet his longing for Paul, the lover who abandoned him three years before. When an accidental meeting revives their affair, the infatuation they ve kept private soon threatens to destroy the public persona each man has created.
In a single night that slips out of control, the volatile mix of emotions leads to murder, and all three characters are suddenly more involved with each other s lives than they could have foreseen. And none can hope to escape unscathed

Rebel Raiders

Lisa Trimble Actor, C'1979

In July of 1863, a 10 year-old Ohio girl comes face-to-face with the infamous Morgan's Raiders and discovers they're not so different from her own family.

The Train

Tony Jordan, C'1968

A story of how one thoughtful boy, gradually forged "as a Damascene smith might have forged a blade" by his father, his heroes and his friends becomes a harder, stronger substance that will take a keener edge.

Spies, Assassins and Such

Tony Jordan, C'1969

A collection of short stories about real spies, thieves and well, assassins. Based on the author's undercover career as an intelligence officer in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Where You Can Find Me

A searing exploration of a family's struggle to heal in the wake of unthinkable tragedy. A week after his eleventh birthday, Caleb Vincent vanishes with hardly a trace. After a three-year search, he is found living a seemingly normal life under a new name with a man he calls his father.


When Destinies Collide

Maurice H. Unger, C'1961

Hurricane Diane, a monster storm, has targeted Virginia Beach, Virginia as her stepping stone onto the U.S. mainland. Jackie Randolph and her family are unable to evacuate from the resort city before the storm hits. Not only do they experience the harrowing onslaught of this mighty tempest, but they must fight for their lives against a gang of drug traffickers who break into their home at the height of the storm. Deception and intrigue are Jackie’s companions as she commences her journey, and at the end she understands all too well that When Destinies Collide fate will be the hunter.

Flying Blind

Tony Jordan, C'1969

Adventures in Southeast Asia flying combat rescue and "black" missions for the Air Force and the CIA. Based on the author's experiences in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam during and after the Vietnam War.

Bear Me Safely Over

Atmospheric and engaging, Sheri Joseph's remarkably assured debut explores the interior lives of two Georgia families soon to be linked by a marriage. Though Bear Me Safely Over tackles dark themes,the menace of homophobia, the splintering of families, the discordant voice of religious fundamentalism, and it is at its core a hopeful portrait of the different and often elusive faces of salvation. 

Follow Me and Other Stories

Tony Jordan, C'1969

A collection of short stories ranging from the heroic life of one Boy Scout to a murder of crows singing an old one across the waters to fairies hiding in the garden. All have happy endings and a few will help you clean your eyes.

The Last Rhino

Bob Gribbin, C'1968

Deep in the vastness in a lost corner of the Congo a reformed big game hunter tackles the management of Garamba National Park. He must wend his way through modern African bureaucracies, civil strife, and corruption in order to combat elephant poachers and remnants of the Lord's Resistant Army, all in the while in search of the possibility that northern white rhino may still exist. The saga unfolds as the hunter and his team of rangers strive to protect and resurrect the park from the ravages of neglect and war. Mysteries of tribal tradition and the very existence of vanishing species unfold along with heartwarming relationships of folks caught up in efforts to save wild creatures. Accurately set amidst the woes of contemporary Congo, the story educates and enlightens about the challenges of conservation in the troubled heart of Africa.