College is a time for growth. You'll grow intellectually, personally, and socially. You'll grow kale, red peppers and eggplants. Or at least you can, if sustainable agriculture is your thing. 

Behind the Scenes at the University Farm is an early chance for you to explore how Sewanee has brought sustainable practices to our kitchens, our curriculum, and our community. And if farming is really what you’re passionate about, you’ll be doing it while getting a peek of how the relationships you will build right here can connect you to the issues you care most deeply about.

Register here: March 22 | April 19

Tentative Schedule
1:15 p.m.  Admission information session: learn from our admission counselors about what we’re looking for in a Sewanee student.
1:45 p.m.  See more of our lovely 13,000-acre campus (it’ll blow your mind).
3:00  p.m.  Meet our baby goats and explore the University Farm with farm director and microbiologist, Carolyn Hoagland. Then get your hands dirty and help us out!

Please note The University of the South is located in the Central Time Zone.