Admitted Students


Now that you've been accepted to Sewanee, we can't blame you for wanting to come and see us for a weekend. Pack your bags, come see what we hope will be your new home very soon, and get to know some of the people you may be sharing it with!

Prospective Students

Preview Sewanee

Whether you've stopped by a million times before or this is your first time up the Mountain, we want you to get a sneak peak of what everything we have to offer right here can do for you now, over the next four years, and for the rest of your life.

Business at Sewanee

See yourself right at home with the movers and shakers of the business world? You might be on to something because the next generation of them is inviting you to campus. Join the Babson Center for Global Commerce and start building your network with Sewanee's Carey Fellows business honors students.

Behind the Scenes at the University Farm

Behind the Scenes at the University Farm is an early chance for you to explore how Sewanee has brought sustainable practices to our kitchens, our curriculum, and our community. And if farming is really what you’re in to, you’ll be doing it while getting a peek of how the relationships you will build right here can connect you to something your deeply passionate about.

University Choir at Sewanee

Checking out your dream college sounds pretty good, right? Well, we think it sounds even better when you’re doing it in an iconic chapel while rehearsing alongside a choir that’s more than 100 years old (don’t worry, its members are college-aged). That's why we're inviting anyone with an interest in choral music to stop by and get to know the University Choir.

Behind the Scenes: Theatre at Sewanee

As you start engaging with colleges, there’s no need to put on a performance. Admission counselors want to get to know the real you, and it’s best to be yourself. But if rehearsals, scripts, and performances are what you’re into, then this is just the event for you.