COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Effective Oct. 25, 2022
Updated August, 16 2023



Effective immediately, the University is lifting both the original COVID-19 vaccination requirement and the subsequent booster mandate. We will facilitate the ongoing health and well-being of the community by providing access to information and health solutions such as vaccinations and testing. The utilization of specific policies, such as a COVID-19 vaccination requirement, will no longer be employed unless the current public health environment suggests the ability of the University to provide an on-campus experience may be jeopardized.

Mask Friendly Campus

We are a mask-friendly community and support the choices of all who choose to take the precautions they believe are important. In addition, the remaining guidelines continue until further notice:

  • All visitors to University Health Services (UHS) who display COVID or flu symptoms must wear a mask, according to stated policies.
  • Faculty may choose to require masks be worn in their classes, laboratories, studios, or offices.
  • Staff members may require masks to be worn in their personal workspace.

Vaccinations are Strongly Encouraged

The University of the South strongly recommends that every member of our community be vaccinated for COVID-19. University Health Services has regular opportunities for students to be tested, vaccinated and is able to provide helpful information regarding all preventative measures. The University encourages students to be thoughtful and exercise personal responsibility in an environment where COVID-19 continues to exist locally and nationally.