Below you may find pre-recorded workshops and lectures sponsored by the Center for Teaching for download / offline viewing. Please reach out to CFT directors Emily Puckette and Mark Hopwood with any questions or comments you have about this content. Be sure to keep an eye on our News & Events page for upcoming workshops and/or lectures that you can attend live.

Sharing is Caring - An FTC Workshop

Do you know what your Google Drive sharing settings are? Who owns files in a Shared Drive? Can the people you share with also share your file to others? Review this FTC workshop on general technology sharing best practices for teaching and learning.

Student Attendance & Attendance Policies Discussion

Student attendance was a common topic of conversation last semester.  How are you planning to handle this in the upcoming term?  What are students saying is helpful?  In the best of times, it is clear that one policy does not fit all courses.

Inclusive Teaching Workshop

Making our classes more inclusive is an ongoing process: there's always more to be done, and it's never too late to start! We provide some straight-forward ideas to consider for the remainder of this term and looking ahead to the spring semester.

Grading for Growth

“Grading for Growth” refers to a grading scheme (sometimes referred to as specifications grading, mastery grading, or standards grading) in which student work is assessed directly on whether the assignment’s standards have been met satisfactorily, with potential for reassessment when deemed unsatisfactory.


Have you ever wondered how other departments and programs structure their comprehensive assessments?   Is your department poised to consider changes to your comps process? Watch our discussion on comprehensive exam approaches from different departments here.


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is basically “the systematic inquiry into student learning."  At Sewanee, we have people engaging in such inquiry in a wide variety of ways.  In this session (with the help of a few special guests) we aim to acknowledge what is being done and encourage more engagement.

Executing Plan B: What do when classrooms plans get derailed

We hope you have never had a classroom projector fail to shine, a Google doc that wouldn’t share, a Brightspace feature that could not be coaxed into the light. But you probably can imagine a tech-related crisis during class and the panic that comes with it! See our discussion on "Plan B" alternatives and technology troubleshooting here.

Discussion: Making the Most of Office Hours

Office hours can be a means of building community in your classes as well as achieving your course goals. Watch us share what has or hasn’t worked and to explore other options.


University faculty come together to talk about how to handle discussions and breakout groups in classes.

Faculty Discussion - Assessment and Grading

Sewanee faculty discussion on assessment and specification grading before the Easter 2021 Semester.


Drs. Ashley Liston-Avnaim and Nicole Noffsinger-Frazier discuss the clinical symptoms of burnout for the first half of this session, then break into groups with colleagues to discuss ways to address it.

Solidarity Lunch (October 20, 2020) - Remote Student Survey Results

CFT directors invite faculty to discuss the results of a survey conducted with students studying remotely. 

Teaching in this Political Climate

This panel brings together faculty from a range of disciplines to share their experiences and comment on how they are addressing the 2020 political climate in the classroom.

Brightspace Mid-Semester Workshop: Grading and Tests

A mid-semester workshop by the Faculty Technology Coordinators on Grading and Exams in Brightspace.

Faculty Hybrid/Online Teaching Tools and Tips

A faculty sharing workshop on the use of technology tools with Paige Schneider, Elise Kikis, and Jessica Wohl.

Perusall Workshop

A workshop led by Professor Stephanie Batkie on the annotation tool Perusall.


A workshop on creating, managing, and grading discussions on Brightspace.


A workshop on creating, editing, and deploying quizzes and tests on Brightspace.


A workshop on creating, managing, and grading assignments in Brightspace.

Brightspace GRADES

A workshop hosted by research librarian Linnea Minich on the setting up, using, and managing your LMS gradebook.

Welcome to Brightspace

A one hour workshop provided by the faculty support staff on Brightspace basics.

Panopto Introductory Workshop - June 17, 2020

A workshop introducing the video recording software Panopto to Sewanee faculty.

Panel & Discussion on the Remote Experience, Round II

Professors Al Bardi, Stephanie Batkie, John Marshall, and Jason Rosenberg share their experiences teaching remotely.

Facilitating Meaningful Online Interaction with "Liberating Structures"

Fisher and Anna from "Liberating Structures" provide an opportunity for faculty to reflect on teaching remotely and to develop strategies for maintaining connections with colleagues and with students.

A Framework for a Community of Learners in Online Environments

With her background that combines a small liberal arts college setting and the scholarship of teaching and learning, Dr. Chick shares her experience in remote teaching.

Panel & Discussion on the Remote Experience

Catherine Cavagnaro, Jim Crawford, Chris McDonough, and Jordan Troisi discuss the remote experience of Spring 2020.

Is There a Right Way to Teach Online? Featuring Dr. Jennifer Thompson

CFT sponsored workshop led by Jennifer Thompson of the University of Maryland on best practices for remote teaching.

Assessing Student Learning in Remote Teaching

A CFT sponsored session with a focus on designing, conducting, and deploying student assessments remotely.

Making the Transition to Remote Teaching

CFT sponsored session in which faculty were invited to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and tips we all have for making the transition to teaching online.