Arturo Márquez-Gomez

¡Bienvenido to Sewanee!

Jim Nance
Friend of Sewanee

As a former Trustee from the Diocese of North Carolina, I congratulate you and welcome you to the Sewanee family. I find this to be an incredibly positive, clearly ground-breaking development for this fine institution. All the best!

Steverson O. Moffat, Ph.D.

Vice-Chancellor-elect Brigety - Welcome aboard! Double connections—we are both a Sewanee family (father-in-law C'53; my wife and I C'88; our daughter C'16) and a Navy family (son USNA C'19, currently at TBS USMC Quantico). Wishing you and your family the best success at Sewanee.

Jerry H. Summers

Welcome to the Domain. You will be leading a historical University and by your selection will be leading it further to the next level of excellence. Congratulations!

Chloe Post

Congratulations and welcome to Sewanee! We are so thrilled and lucky to have you leading our community!

Helen Bateman

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. It is wonderful to have you and your family join us at Sewanee! Thank you very much for accepting this position. I know that we will all benefit greatly from your leadership.

Charles Potts

Congratulations Vice-Chancellor-elect Brigety! As an alumnus, I was delighted to receive notice of your election to the post, and that you have accepted the challenge (if not the calling), to become our next VC. Welcome to Sewanee - with all of the traditions that make it a very special place in the hearts of thousands of alumni like myself. You will find that Sewanee will change and affect your life in so many positive ways! I look forward to the day when I may have the opportunity to meet you and your wife, Leelie, and to hearing your vision for the future of The University. An exciting time for all who love Sewanee. Well done.

Liz McLaurin

So excited about the future of the University under your leadership. Thanks to the search committee for their thoughtful work, and thanks to John and Bonnie McCardell for their contributions to the University community and the South Cumberland community.

Clay and Liz Gilkerson

What an honor to have your and your family serve on the Mountain! We are proud to have you play your part in our unique and historic Sewanee heritage. As you know, you are joining a special university where students, faculty, and alumni have access to an environment unlike any in the world. We are excited to gain from your leadership and perspective as we all strive to promote Ecce Quam Bonum throughout our communities and around the world. Welcome!

Virginia H. Phillippi

Welcome, Ambassador Brigety, to our special corner of the world! The University of the South is like no other place in the world to live, learn and grow. Its foundations are strong, its community tight-knit and its views from the mountain top are spectacular. We hope that your experiences and background will complement the values of the University and help the students of today and tomorrow become better citizens of this nation and this world.

Dr. William C. (Bill) Stiefel Jr

Hearty congratulations on your election and welcome to the Sewanee community. As a Trustee snowed in in the mountains of Western NC and unable to attend in person I welcome your leadership of our great University and will look forward to meeting you soon.

Elliott Fisher

Welcome to the Mountain VCE Brigety! We are all rooting for you to bring the world to Sewanee, and Sewanee to the world. Engage us young alumni and tell us how we can help!

Kimberly Crouch

Welcome, Vice-Chancellor B! As a college counselor your message to prospective students brought tears to my eyes. Thank you (and I also thank your family) for joining us all in the journey that happens at Sewanee. EQB.

Katherine Ragosta

Welcome, Ambassador Brigety! As a recent graduate, I care so deeply about this University and am excited about your vision for my alma mater. I look forward to watching Sewanee reach its full potential as an institution under your leadership. YSR!

Chuck Stewart

Ambassador Brigety, welcome to The Mountain! Your videos about your vision for Sewanee make me realize how truly fortunate we are to have you as Vice Chancellor. I know that you will come to love Sewanee as we all do. Best of luck!

Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High Jr.
C’63, H’14

I am so excited about your election as the new Vice-Chancellor. I have always been so grateful for my extraordinary education I received at Sewanee. May God bless you as you begin this new era of your life and ministry.

Burns Jones

This is such a compelling time for Sewanee, and the University's decision to hire Ambassador Brigety is both inspirational and exciting. I can't wait to witness all that he will bring to Sewanee and all that he will accomplish in years ahead. Congratulations all around!

Catherine Kline

Welcome to the University of the South! As a former student of the University, I am extraordinarily proud that the search committee has chosen an individual who will guide Sewanee forward as an entire community. I am thrilled at the prospect of you raising the institution's national and international profile and moving it forward in all of the right ways. Sewanee truly is one of the most magical places on earth and we are beyond lucky to have such a great new representative. I would not be where I am in my life without the various opportunities that Sewanee gave me and I am excited to see how you will expand those opportunities to future students. YSR & EQB!

Donald Fishburne
C’73 and T’98

Welcome to you and your family! As an alum of the College and the School of Theology, as an Episcopal priest, and as a former Trustee and Regent, I join with a host of others in cheering your leadership as we offer thanksgivings and prayers. EQB.

Hugh Sharber

Congratulations Vice-Chancellor-elect Brigety, and very best wishes for you in your new role as Vice-Chancellor and for your family as new residents of Sewanee. The University has been blessed to have been served by a succession of outstanding persons in this role, and I am confident that the Regents and Trustees see in you the qualities that will sustain and build upon the excellence of the University. Yea, Sewanee's Right!

The Rev. Deborah J Newcomb
T’87 and ‘95

Absolutely thrilled beyond measure!! God is beaming!

Dr. Brian K. Clardy
Friend of Sewanee

As a former Trustee (2013-2016) and Education for Ministry Graduate (2015), I am so pleased to hear about your appointment. This is good news and I offer hearty congratulations. If I can be of any service to you and our beloved Mountain, please feel free to call on me! Blessings!

Jacob Walker

Welcome! The Mountain is such a special place. You’re going to find quirks, frustrations, and huge rewards. It’s a community built on trust, faith, and the desire for growth. I encourage you to dive in head-first, get to know the history & people who made Sewanee what it is, and create a bold vision for the future. YSR!

Patrick Chase Milner

On behalf of my fellow 2004 classmates, I am incredibly excited to welcome you to the University of the South! Reading up today about all the accomplishments that both you and your spouse, Dr. Leelie Selassie, have had to date brings me both joy and astonishment on how lucky the Sewanee family is to now have you soon at the helm. Also, as a younger brother of a U.S. Naval Officer, I am especially humbled by the years of public service you've given already in defense of our country, and I assuredly know now that through your work our Alma Mater will be in very good hands. I hope that your relocation to the Mountain will be as grace-filled and joyful as possible, and that your friends and loved ones can visit often! Welcome to Tennessee ~ Ecce Quam Bonum

The Rev. Rob Brown

I read the material provided to Trustees and was immediately struck by the depth of your experience. I listened to your words after the vote and was impressed by your insights into what Sewanee means for its students and for the larger world. I am excited for what the future holds for you, your family, and Sewanee. Please know y’all are being lifted up in prayer.

Mark Konradi
C’89, P’23

As both an alum and a parent, I am beyond excited to welcome Vice-Chancellor Brigety to the Domain. I look forward to the mountain of opportunity we can conquer under your leadership. YSR!

Thomas Smyth

Congratulations! It is absolutely wonderful that you have agreed to join the Sewanee family. I know that you will make a tremendous difference in strengthening and building on the successes of your predecessors in the role of Vice-Chancellor. I wish you much success.

Brown Patterson
C’52, Faculty (ret.)

I am moved by your presentation on video, especially by your statements about the distinctive qualities of the educational experience Sewanee offers. Your commitment to the university's achieving national standing is worth striving for. Meeting the full demonstrated financial need of accepted applicants is a goal worth striving for and maintaining. Greater diversity among students, faculty, and staff is eminently desirable. All of us need to fulfill our calling and our obligations to the common good. All best wishes.

Leiding Taylor

Welcome VC-elect Brigety! Your sterling reputation in D.C. precedes your journey to the mountain. I’m glad that the next generation of Sewanee students will benefit from your examples of honor, civil service, and worldliness.

Al Bardi

Wishing a very warm welcome to the university and the community for you and your family. A lot of people have worked hard to make this new chapter possible, including McCardell and the current administration, and I think you will encounter a great deal of excitement and wishes for your success.

Miriam Seyler

I extend my greeting and prayers as you come to stand at the helm of the University of the South. As a United Methodist pastor in middle Tennessee, I am honored to have received my theological training at the School of Theology at Sewanee. This university and the trusted friendships formed there changed my life. I will be a lifetime supporter of my alma mater.

Bill Block

Dr. Brigety, congratulations on your election as the 17th Vice-Chancellor! It is great to see another vibrant leader following a great 16th VC! I know Sewanee will continue to be in good hands. We are all here to provide any support possible.

Paul T Green

From an old soldier to a younger sailor: Welcome! I'm sure Sewanee will continue to excel under your watch.

Cathy Carlisi

Welcome Ambassador Brigety and your beautiful wife and family. It was an honor and thrill to be present today. Thank you for joining the Sewanee community.

William McKeachie
C’66, P’10, P’17

From: An Annapolis man (albeit St. John’s, not the Academy!), as well as a Sewanee and Oxford (also St. John’s) man ... To: A Naval Academy/Annapolis and Cambridge man ... Salutations and congratulations! May your “nickname” on the Mountain be VC for both Vice-Chancellor and Very Committed! Your thoughtful recorded comments about the University of the South in all its uniqueness and universal potential won my own commitment to hope, pray, and pull for your great success. Meanwhile, don’t forget to brush up your Latin! EQB & YSR
P.S. Subsequently watched and listened to your superbly well-attuned address to the Trustees: seems your Latin is already well-primed indeed! Look forward to seeing and hearing you use it when wearing the Cambridge-sourced Vice-Chancellor’s ermine and scarlet!

Jerre Maynor Jr.

Dr. Brigety, I was thrilled to read the announcement of your appointment! This news makes me hugely optimistic about the future of the University.

Emmitt Logsdon

Welcome Vice-Chancellor-elect Brigety and family! We are excited you will be with us. These are exciting times to live in this community and be a small part of the University. I know you will find the students here dynamic and capable. They continue to give me a great deal of hope for the future of the University and the world.

Lauren Newman

As an alumna of color, the announcement of you as our VC-elect holds extra special meaning. I am so excited for the vision you’ll bring to Sewanee, I just wish I could be there in person to see it! Sending the warmest welcome to you and your family!

Aelin Hill

So excited to welcome you and your wife to the Sewanee community! As a past member of the equestrian team, I am also so excited to hear about your passion for horses! I’m sure the team would love to head out on a trail ride or fox hunt and show you all of the beauty the mountain holds via horseback. May you have the best of luck in this new journey! YSR

Pete Stringer

Congratulations on your election to become the 17th Vice-Chancellor and President of the University. As a member of the Board of Regents and the Board of Trustees, I look forward to working with you and wish you much success.

Jordan Troisi

Welcome to Sewanee! This is a place where people work hard, and work together. And I am looking forward to working together with you in the next chapter of Sewanee's story. We can't wait to have you on campus!


Welcome to the Mountain! Sewanee is so lucky to have you and I can’t wait to see what you do in your new role as VC. Know that there is love and support for you from afar! Watch for the apple green in the evening sky, and enjoy your time in Arcadia. We are thankful you’re here. EQB and YSR!

Anna Spencer

Dear VC Brigety - I am beyond excited and happy about your appointment. I think God has a hand in this momentous appointment. As I am sure you appreciate, Sewanee is sacred space--set apart, holy, other--to the eternal benefit of all who spend time there. I will be praying for your success and I look forward to meeting you.

Rt. Rev. Jackson C. Biggers
T’63, Bishop Emeritus, Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi

May God bless you, your family and Sewanee in the years ahead. As a permanent resident of Malawi, I am so grateful to the University for selecting you for and for your acceptance.

Amy Patterson

Dear Vice-Chancellor-elect Brigety, Welcome to Sewanee! I am a Sewanee faculty member who studies the politics of health in Africa. During the current academic year, I am in Tanzania, where I am a Fulbright scholar teaching development and researching mental health policy. I have lived, researched, taught, and worked in Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, Liberia, and Senegal, often accompanied by my two daughters and husband. Thus, I am extremely thrilled that you and your family have chosen to make Sewanee your future home. I look forward to your leadership and to our discussions of African politics!

Marcel Lettre

I am so delighted that Ambassador Reuben Brigety has been announced as the next Vice-Chancellor. The Ambassador is one of the most highly impressive men of integrity and honor I have had the privilege of working with. It is wonderful that he will bring his experiences as a Naval Academy graduate and in service to our nation as an example to future students of the university. I am so pleased he will have the opportunity to be part of and a steward of our wonderful Sewanee community.

David Frantz

Ambassador Brigety, I hope I am only one among many who welcome you to the Sewanee community! I look forward to your leadership as the university moves forward. You will be instrumental in helping our students embrace excellence and take the unique Sewanee experience to engage the wider world.

Harold Bigham
C'54; Professor of Law Emeritus, Pepperdine University

Mr. Ambassador: We alumni who love the University have waited with understandable apprehension for the word we received yesterday (2/28). Hence, now our breath comes much easier. The choice of the Committee and the Regents could not have been a better one. As a retired academician (40 years at Vanderbilt and Pepperdine Law Schools) and one who loves Sewanee with all his heart, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Mountain. You will have my prayers as you undertake the Herculean tasks that come with collegiate CEO tasks these days. Welcome to our Family and blessings to yours, Mr. Vice Chancellor-elect.

Bitsy Sloan

Welcome to Sewanee! As an alum of Sewanee and GW Law, I look forward to meeting you and wish you all the best. As you’re finding, there truly is something special and Holy about the school on the Mountain.

Jerry Adams

Very excited with this announcement - as a past chair of the Regents and understanding the complexity and opportunity Sewanee presents in the 21st century - it is very exciting to have you join the Sewanee family along with your family. You have the support of an intensely loyal and dedicated Sewanee family. I look forward to meeting you in person and finding ways to help and support your vision for the next chapter of this great institution.

Andrea Mansker

We are incredibly honored that you and your family will be joining us in Sewanee and we look forward to sharing this next chapter in our history with you!

John Benson

Sending you and your whole family a warm welcome. Sewanee is an amazing university, town, and community, and we are excited you have chosen to make Sewanee your home.

Kristi Lee

Welcome to Sewanee and being a powerful force for progression and evolution! The current undergraduate body and staff are fortunate to have you, and I look forward to seeing the direction you steer the university. YSR!

Abbey Moore

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I know that the Mountain is incredibly happy to have you. I hope that those 13,000 acres show y’all as much love and magic as they’ve shown me, and I can’t wait to see the awesome work you do in that place. Feeling incredibly grateful that the committee chose you—but more importantly, thank you for choosing Sewanee!

Lois Juma
Parent of an alumna

Welcome to the Mountain! Congratulations! We consider it a great privilege to have been part of the Sewanee Community. Our daughter, Jennifer Ladi Juma (C’10) had a great experience at Sewanee. May God bless you as you lead this great institution.

Jess Hill

As a fellow educator, I could not be happier that you will be our next vice-chancellor. I am sure you will help Sewanee grow and thrive, and most of all, you will help the Mountain become an example of what an inclusive community of curious minds and engaged students can do to change the world. I have always been proud to say I graduated from Sewanee, but today I feel especially proud. Thank you for choosing us.

Donald P. Macleod Jr.

I practiced Ob-Gyn in Jacksonville for about 40 years. Your dad assisted me in surgery when he was a resident on occasions. I look forward to meeting you and your family. Yea, Sewanee’s Right!

Karen Yu

Welcome to the Sewanee community! I look forward to getting to know both of you and your two sons, to learning from you, and to working together toward promising possibilities for Sewanee's future. Thank you for embracing the opportunity to lead this institution!

Woody Register

It is a joy to welcome you and your family to Sewanee and to join with you in the important work ahead of us.

David Alan Johnson

Welcome to the Mountain! I am proud and recent alumnus from the class of 2019. As I am embarking on my year as a Watson Fellow, currently in South Africa, it brought me great joy to see you and your wife featured across social media and websites sharing the news. I could not contain myself of jubilance in that moment. During my four years on the Mountain, I worked alongside students to make Sewanee reinterpret its founding ideals, to reimagine what this University can be as it seeks to form a society of thinkers of all backgrounds whose end is to dwell together in unity. I now know that the work of my classmates, and many more before me, has not been done in vain. As I am sure you have already seen, Sewanee is a VERY unique place, especially for people of color. I can say through the multitude of experiences had, however, that this University will love you just as much as you love it. Embrace the Mountain and all of its quirkiness, but also accentuate your talents, culture, and beliefs. There is no community without its inhabitants truly being themselves. I very much look forward to the day I return to Mountain, in hopes that I can give you and your wife a big hug, and to discuss your global experiences. Thank you for being brave enough to take on this challenge, and for representing a new chapter in Sewanee's difficult past. Ecce Quam Bonum.

Dori Wilson

Welcome, Ambassador Brigety! When I saw the announcement of your selection (and acceptance) of being our next VC I was thrilled. Your background and experience in public service and academia will only enrich our school further. Reading your remarks make me excited about the changes you will usher in and the global perspective you bring. I look forward to potentially meeting you in the future! YSR!

Dr. Saurabh Dutta Chowdhury

Welcome to the Domain. I have great memories of Clement Chen Hall. During my time at Sewanee then-VC Dr. Samuel Williamson and his family opened their doors to us international students spending Christmas on the Mountain and we were treated like family. I hope you will continue this tradition. Faculty did the same for us, including Dr. Elwood Dunn. This is what makes Sewanee a special place that gave me the confidence to pursue a two decade long career in semiconductor technology in Silicon Valley after graduate school and still leave room for multidisciplinary learning that ultimately led me to a Ph.D. at King’s College London in nuclear nonproliferation. None of which would have been possible without the foundation received at Sewanee. Thus we may have a few things to talk about when we meet as I study the U.S. response to Iran for my upcoming journal article and finish converting my thesis into a book as a visiting fellow at Leicester.

Sarah Soule
Friend of Sewanee

As a college counselor who admires Sewanee and recommends it to students, I am delighted with such an outstanding choice for the new vice chancellor. A wonderful transition and the tradition of excellent leadership continues at this outstanding institution. Best wishes to you in your new journey.

Ken Smith

Congratulations and welcome to Sewanee! Those of us who have served in Africa are very excited to have both of you on campus, and we all look forward to interacting with you and your family in the coming years. And I promise not to take you ice skating...... Good luck moving and see you in August.

Thomas F. Phelps, M.D.

My wife, Marilyn, and I joyfully welcome you to Sewanee. You are an answer to our prayers and we look forward to getting to know you and your wife. The University of the South has come a long way toward being "Right" and your election continues our quest.

Douglas Lemott Jr.

Amb Brigety and family, congratulations on your selection. Sonja and I send our best wishes as you embark upon this wonderful opportunity. You are tailor made to lead this fine institution. Your leadership and experience will pay great dividends and I can think of no finer person to take the helm. Congratulations classmate and we look forward to witnessing your continued success! #USNA95

Randall Dunn

Welcome to the Sewanee family. From what I have heard about you, we are very fortunate to have an individual with your background and credentials as our next Vice-Chancellor. Good luck and I hope you will come to love and enjoy our great university as we do.

Lucy Patterson Murray
Community Member

Welcome to Sewanee, Dr. Selassie, Ambassador Brigety and children. I especially enjoyed the story of how you met one another; I hope Sewanee shows you all equal warmth and good humor! I grew up in Sewanee as the daughter of a professor, married a Sewanee graduate, and am the parent of two current students at the University. I hope to meet you in person someday soon.

Ben Sweeton

Dear Ambassador Brigety, I am a current student and am thrilled to have the pleasure to help welcome you to Sewanee! I am an International Global Studies major with concentrations in politics and am, by default, very excited to hear about your accomplishments and experiences! I trust that you will work to continue making Sewanee a place of global citizens. Thank you for joining us on the Mountain!

Edward A. Dugger
Friends Academy, Locust Valley, New York

Congratulations to Vice-Chancellor-elect Reuben Brigety. Wishing you great success in your new role at Sewanee. May you continue to be a leader whose light and wisdom serve as powerful guiding forces for us all.

Robert N. Rust III

Dr. Brigety, Welcome and congratulations to you, your wife and sons!
I expect you will be hearing like expressions from a number of us "old alums" who have participated in an ongoing discussion via group email for circa 20 years. We matriculated at the College when it was all male, quite small (less than 600) and segregated. We were told of the mighty feats of the original founders (pre-Civil War) , but nary a word was said about their being influential apologists for slavery.
Fast forward some 160+ years to the remarkable and bold invitation of the Regents and Trustees of the University of the South to you to assume the Office of Vice-Chancellor and your equally remarkable and bold decision to accept the Office, and you can understand how those of us who matriculated to the College in the late 1950s (roughly 2/3rds into the life of this unique institution) are both awed and humbled by the invitation and even more so by the acceptance on your part.
We are in the sunset of our years, but I know I speak for most of my classmates and those alums of our era when I say we shall do all that we can to support you in taking the University to the new levels of excellence and influence that you articulated in the video presentations displayed on the University's website.
Here, I particularly refer to the levels of academic excellence you intend to have the University secure under your watch and (building on Dr. McCardell's foundational work) taking the institution to a new level of intellectual-emotional-spiritual honesty in our celebration of the many contributions of this place with deep roots in the South to the greater commonweal of this country, while at the same taking the institution (and us who love the place) to an unfamiliar and in some ways frightening level of confession and examination of the dark side of the institutions past grounded in its being a proponent of slavery and for almost 100 years a like proponent of segregation.
You assume this important Office during interesting times. May the Lord be with you and with all who love and support the University of the South in the years ahead.

Deanna Gonzalez

Welcome to the family! I hope you and your family fall in love with the mountain as much as I have. Take walks and really get to know the staff and students, there are many beautiful stories to be shared together.