Ambassador Reuben Brigety is introduced as Sewanee's 17th vice-chancellor and president. Watch his acceptance remarks and browse photos of this historic and celebratory day.

Vice-Chancellor-elect Reuben Brigety addresses the trustees

“The Mountain is where you go for insight and inspiration. The Mountain is where you return for respite and reconnection,” Brigety said to the Board of Trustees. “Even as we embrace the inheritance that has been bequeathed to us over the generations, we will spare no effort to ensure that there is ample space and a warm welcome on this Mountain for anyone who seeks its insights and hungers for its inspiration.”

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Highlights from the Day

In his own words

"As in generations past, we look forward to that future with confidence and with conviction. We are rooted here, in a particular and providential place—a place that is the gift of the “never-failing succession of benefactors” whose toil and treasure have touched, and are touching still, the souls who’ve lived and learned and loved under the protection of the angels of Sewanee."

Photos from election day

Just after being elected Sewanee's 17th vice-chancellor, Ambassador Reuben Brigety addressed the Board of Trustees in Convocation Hall and introduced his wife, Dr. Leelie Selassie. Later in the afternoon, the University community gathered to meet the next vice-chancellor at a welcome reception in Cravens Hall.

Vice-Chancellor-elect Brigety introduces his wife, Dr. Leelie Selassie

An escape from political turmoil in Ethiopia, a fateful meeting off the dance floor, and a disastrous ice-skating date: Vice-Chancellor-elect Reuben Brigety and his wife, Dr. Leelie Selassie, tell the Trustees a little about their personal and family history.